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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Migraine is Curable With Homeopathy

This is blog for my reader and listeners who missed it my talk show and due to bad weather in Mumbai it was difficult for me to speak much in Health Inn show .
10 most common causes of migraine
Today we are living in world which is going faster and making lot of impacts on our health
headache seems to be day to day problem … but wait is it headache or migraine  .
lets tri to understand it  But there is a thin line of demarcation between the two.
What's a migraine? Migraine is a throbbing headache, usually on one side of the head, caused by the narrowing and dilating of blood vessels on one side of the brain. An attack may last upto two days.
There are two main types of migraine:
Common: A slowly developing severe headache, lasting from a few hours to two days, made worse by the smallest movement or noise, accompanied by nausea and sometimes vomiting.
Classical: Headache preceded by an aura which generally takes the form of a visual disturbance.
This may consist of:  A temporary loss of vision, focusing problems, blind spots and flashing lights.
  • Possible speech problems.
  • Occasional weakness or temporary paralysis of the limbs or extremities.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Sensitivity to light.
What's a headache? Headaches, on the other hand, are a common complaint. For the most part, they happen because of muscular tension in the head, neck or shoulder or due to congestion of the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain and muscles. Generally, there is a sensation of a tight band around the head, a feeling of pressure at the top of the head, a bursting and throbbing sensation, eye and neck pain, dizziness. Here are some causes are known to precipitate migraines and headaches:
Poor posture
Sleep deprivation
Bright lights
Head trauma
Food allergy
Eye strain
Oral contraceptives
Hormonal changes
Low blood sugar

Head injury

Here are the top 10 causes of migraine

1. Stress. Stress is easily one of the most common causes of headaches. The best way to reduce headaches caused by  stress is to work out or meditate to relax your nerves and keep your stress levels at a minimum.Tension headaches, the most common kind, are brought on by either physical or emotional stress. One of the most frequent causes of physical stress is spending too much uninterrupted time staring at the computer. Take breaks every half hour to stretch and look in the distance. Emotional stress may not be so easy to eliminate.
2. Eating. today we become fast food eaters healty diet is much far from us it seems Your eating habits can have a huge impact on your health. Choosing to eat unhealthy foods like chips, chocolate and processed meats and cheeses will increase the likeliness that you'll suffer from headaches. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits and drinking lots of water will help to prevent headaches. 

3. Eye Strain.long use sitting infornt of latops and pc can triiger it  Eye strain is often associated with headaches. Squinting your eyes for an extended period of time (or exposing your eyes to fluorescent lighting) can impact the nerves in your head and trigger headaches. If you're working on a computer, try using an anti-glare screen or ask your doctor for an anti-glare prescription for your glasses.

4. Lack of Sleep. most important cause I feel today’s world role we are working in sleeping hours and sleeping in working time  Getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night can trigger a headache. Your body needs at least 7 hours of sleep to function.

5. Too Much Sleep. Getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night can spark headaches but getting more than 11 hours of sleep can have the same effect. 8-10 hours of restorative sleep a night is ideal.

6. Hunger and hypoglycemic headaches Fasting and consequent low blood sugar levels may trigger headaches in patients with migraine. Avoid consuming anything high or rich in carbohydrates. Else, it could result in a rapid secretion of insulin, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
7. Smoke. Smoke is a leading cause of headaches. While this is common knowledge for most people, what some don't realize is that individuals who don't smoke can still be severely affected by it and can ultimately suffer from headaches because of second-hand smoke. EXPOSURE TO SECOND-HAND SMOKE:Cigarette smoke is a common trigger of migraine headaches. Try to stay in a non-smoking environment. If you can't avoid the smoke, try putting some peppermint oil on your pulse points to detract from the smell.
8. Loud Noise. Any type of loud noise can trigger a headache. Likewise, being around loud noise will make it extremely difficult to get rid of a headache.

9. Alcoholic beverages. Some believe grapes that are organically grown and wines that are free of sulfites are less likely to trigger headaches. Stress may act as a secondary trigger in some situations. A person who suffers from migraines and is exposed to a stressful and tiring work environment may complain of an inability to tolerate wine, whereas the same person on a relaxing vacation may drink and enjoy the same wine without suffering headaches.    Hangover.Many would agree that a headache caused by a hangover is self-induce

10. PAIN MEDICATIONS: Ironic but true. Half of chronic migraines, and as many as 25 percent of all headaches, are actually "rebound" episodes triggered by the overuse of common pain medications. Medication Side Effects. Headaches are a common side effect of most medications. If you need the medication, there's really no way of getting around the side effects.
A Few more cause are followings
WEATHER OR CHANGE IN ALTITUDE: Changes in weather, especially sharp dips in barometric pressure, can cause headaches. Even a visit to a town or city that is at a higher elevation than where you currently live can bring on an episode.
HORMONES: The hormones estrogen and progesterone affect headache-related chemicals in the brain. Higher estrogen levels may improve headaches, while lower estrogen levels can make headaches worse.
SINUSES: Dry sinuses or congested sinuses can cause headaches. These headaches come with deep and constant pain in the cheekbones, forehead or bridge of the nose. The pain usually intensifies with sudden head movement.
DEHYDRATION: This may be the most common cause of a headache. Your body is made up of roughly 60% water and requires a generous amount of water intake. Adults should be drinking about 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for proper hydration. Be aware that coffee and sodas are often dehydrating.
Hunger and hypoglycemic headaches Fasting and consequent low blood sugar levels may trigger headaches in patients with migraine.Avoid consuming anything high or rich in carbohydrates. Else, it could result in a rapid secretion of insulin, thus lowering blood sugar levels.
Homeopathy Approach 
Homeopathy has always cured so many cases of migraine I have my personal experience in curing migraine so nicely with homeopathy
In other systems they called it incurable but in homeopathy its curable.Migraine is one of the diseases for which homeopathy can positively do something. Here there is another special significance. In Allopathic medicine there is no remedy for this disease. So it is common to find patients coming for homeopathy treatment after suffering for 10 to 15 years, despite allopathic treatment. And Homeopathy does wonders for the migraine, where patient has no other option.

As I always says Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Doctor for the appropriate treatment. For chronic & acute conditions patient needs constitutional treatment to reduce the recurrence of attacks and pain 
here few therapeutic index i had taken from Nash which really helped me lot in acute condition,but remember  its constitutional which works well . so do Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Doctor near by u .
Here are few from Nash therapeutics book.
Nux vomica- Headache with Gastric & Hepatic origin and haemorrhoidal affections. Modalities is more important than pain < mental Exertion, anger, open air (opp of puls).

Bryonia- Bursting Headache ‘’feel Head would split open < stooping coughing, ironing; opening eye. < Hot weather.

Ant. crud.- Headache after River Bathing < cold food < alcohol drinks, lat fruits < Heat at son.

Calc. phoc- Useful Remedy in Headache at Anemic school Girl ( Nat- Mur) < when thinking at them. 

Silicea- Headache- start Nape- forward- over Head to the eye ( silicea)
Belladona- Congestive Headache, Neuralgic Headache Throbbing, < stooping, forward, Bending downward, < lying down, Anything that makes perpendicular.
Lachesis- IMP for Headache. SUN Headache- chronic whenever exposed to SUN- Headache ( Nat-carb). IMP- pressure on vertex patient just want to go sleep Headache.

Kali Bichrom- Headache- pain are peculiar- & pain appeared in small spot- covered with finger- pain comes Go pain flu from one place to another.(kali Bi/ kali sulph/ pulsatilla.)

Coffea- Headache from- mental Exertion, thinking, talking. one side nail driver into Brain ( Ign. Nux) Brain Based in pieces- < open air.

IGN- Headache- As nail driver the side > lying pressure mental work & Grief. ‘’Women.

Cocc- Sick Headache- Nausea- vomit. < Riding in carriage or sea-sickness- sickness- stomach,  Headache. in cocculus- Head- stomach.

Spigelia- Headache one side- occiput- forward- settle over Left eye Right eye (sil), < least noise. Rising SUN   going down. (Nat m Glan), cilliary Neuralg.

Iris- versi- Sick Headache seem to be gastric origin Begin with Blur Before eye. 

Sanguinaria-     Sick Headache- Rise spread over Head- Right eye Nausea & vomiting- patient want to go in Dark room & perfectly quite. American sick Headache. Habitual sick, Headache.
Acid Phos- Remedy for Headache in student especially who are growing too fast.
Gelsemium- Headache- dull- tired Headache- Base of Brain Patients wants to lie down with Head raised Position. Still < mental Exertion smoking tobacco. Heat at SUN ( Glan Lach Lysin Nat-carb) > pressure and stimulants. > profuse urination ( Lac. defloratum)
Arg. Nit- Headache- Hemicrania- distrasing Hard. Feeling at Expansion. Head is Enlarged, > tied up

Nat- Mur- School Girls ( calc. Phos).- eye strain- study, chronic Headache- throbbing comes in paroxysms. (Belladonna)- Nat- Mur. Anemia < Menses

Nat Carb- Headache- < Expose SUN / Gaslight over Healthy

Mag. MUR- Nervous Headache > pressure > wrapping Head. Headache with constipation.

Arnica- < trauma / concussion. fracture meningitis.
Glonoine- Bursting Headache- sense of  Expansion.  Can't Bear Heat / Pressure. throbbing pain- congestion.
Headache- seems arrive tram Neck ( Bell- m)
Cyclamen- Violent Headache flickering Before eye. or spots < morning & menses.

Epiphegus- Fatigue from work tired Headache. ( Beech Drops)
Dr Ajay Yadav

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