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Learn Homeopathy with Dr Ajay

Clinical Homeopathy Training with Dr Ajay in Mumbai

I always say best way to learn Homeopathy is with practice ,so if you have cases we love to help you out for your each and everycase ,so that togather we can learn more and more clinical Homeopathy by self  

 The center is formed with the purpose of providing a complete base for 'Training' doctors and  interns in Homoeopathy
Although basic sciences and lectures are important aspects of training homeopathic practitioners and homeopathic doctors, it is the clinical training that lies at the heart of creating true homeopathic healers. Patients are treated on all levels of their being, including physical, emotional mental and spiritual dimensions.
Homeopathy has various dimension when it comes to practice of it its very important to understand each and every aspect of homeopathy with
 Organon of Medicine
Materia medica
Case taking in acute /chronic
And when u blend all things together u can achieve Evidence based results ,that’s what IICHS is all about 
  Clinical Training Goals
The primary goals of the training program are as follows: 
  •  To fully prepare students for a successful and independent practice. 
  •   To develop the requisite clinical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for the professional  practice of  homeopathy. 
  • To maintain clinical data with proper arrangements of case . 
  • Aim  :
      • To understand each and every aspects of homeopathy in acute /chronic disease .
      • Promote homeopathy health & awareness about homeopathy
      • Absolute case study method
      • Application of knowledge of material medica and repertory
      • To follow homeopathy
      •  Learn medicines with the cured cases.

    Objective of the Training :

                 Objectives of the workshop can be broadly divided into following categories.
      • Building up sound conceptual matrix with advance knowledge base.
      • Acquiring skills & fineness required for efficient homeopathic practice.
      • Building up humane aspects in Homeopathic physician.
      • Evolving required competencies in the physician to deal with the basic demands of homeopathic practice.
      • learn and earn with homeopathy

    What the students/doctors will benefit:
      • Develop Confidence to treat chronic & difficult cases.
      • Become Unprejudiced Observer and learn the various approaches & methods to treat cases and patients

  • For more details on training Course kindly mail us on

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