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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Homeopathy Remedies for Worms Infestation

     Homeopathy Remedies for Worms
A worm is a long, thin animal that lives in the soil. They have a soft, long, rounded body and no legs or backbone.WORMS constitute one of the most common disorders of children and people imagine that if worms are expelled their children will be cured. Several medicines are given to the children (taken by adults too) for the removal of these worms from the stomach and bowels. They again grow and they are again removed by medicines. They are worried over these worms. Worms grow only when there is suitable condition for them to thrive, otherwise they cannot.

Generally, worms announce their presence inside your body through symptoms like:
·         Persistent abdominal pain
·         Anal itching
·         Diarrhea
·         But certain kinds of worms occasionally show up outside the body.
There are three defenses against worms. They are as follows:
1.A personal firewall should be run on any system that is not behind a corporate firewall. This should be done on any computer that connects to the internet even if the connection it uses is a slow dial up connection.
2. Patching your system with updates to fix the vulnerabilities. Patching is the act of downloading updates to the vulnerable operating system or application and applying the update to the program.
3. Continually running anti-virus software which may detect worms. This is not the best defense against worms however because sometimes the worm can infect the system before the anti-virus software can detect it.

Dr. Hahnemann writes in Materia Medica Pura, vol. I, under Cina, '......this much is true, that when they are present in large numbers, the cause of this is always some morbid condition of the body, namely, the evolution of psora, and unless this be cured, though large numbers of lumbrici may be expelled by Cina, they are soon reproduced. Hence by such forcible expulsion of worms not only is nothing gained, but such improper treatment if persisted in often ends in the death of tortured children.'

Dr. Hering writes in Homoeopathic Domestic Physician, (pp. 292-4), '... drugs that expel worms affect the abdomen in such a manner that the consequences appear many years after. First, it is to be considered that almost all children have worms, sometimes before they are born, and that it is frequently a sign of a dangerous disease when these worms pass off spontaneously; secondly, that what these worms subsist upon in the body is more hurtful than the worms themselves. Almost all the symptoms attributed to worms may arise from some general disease in the system, which has a tendency to increase them, especially if aided by an unwise mode of living.' Read Jahr's Forty Years' Practice (pp. 140-41 and 338-40).

1. Cina [Cina]
Produces a perfect picture of the wormy child. The patient is cross, irritable, has a sickly pale face with rings about the eyes, grates the teeth at night and has a tendency to convulsions; there is canine hunger or variable appetite; the child picks at its nose and cries out in its sleep; there is jerking of the hands and feet and a milky urine. It does not correspond well to pin-worms and a noticeable symptom is a bluish color about the mouth.

2. Santonine. [Sant]
The alkaloid of Cina is also a remedy for round worms. It is not a safe remedy as Cina and no more efficacious. The writer has observed convulsions produced by its use in too low potencies.

3. Caladium. [Calad]
Useful when worms travel over the perineum and get into the vagina in little girls, with tendency to excite masturbation.

4. Teucrium. [Teucr]
The remedy for ascarides or pin-worms; there is much irritation caused by them in the rectum. Hughes prefers the tincture or lower dilutions, saying that it rarely fails in this condition. Another remedy for pin-worms is
Sinapis nigra.
Cina and Cicuta are often indicated in convulsions from worms.

5. Spigelia. [Spig]
Strabismus, jerking with paleness of the face, blue rings around the eyes, faint, nauseated feeling with colic about the navel caused by the presence of worms, will indicate Spigelia. It has stools consisting of mucus, faces and worms..

6. Indigo [Indg]
Is a remedy for ascarides or thread-worms in melancholy children, with intense pain in the umbilical region, also convulsions from worms.

7. Sabadilla [Sabad]
Has worm symptoms with nausea, vomiting and colic.

8. Stannum metallicum [Stann met]
According to Hahnemann, Stannum so stupefies the worms that they are easily dislodged by purgatives. It has many worms symptoms; thus pale sunken face and eyes surrounded by blue rings, Sluggish disposition, general torpor, fetor of breath and passive fever. Patient prefers to lie on stomach.

9. Calcarea carbonica [Calc carb]
Calcarea is a valuable remedy to eradicate the disposition to worms.

10. Cuprum oxydatum nigrum. [Cupr-o]
This remedy will remove all kinds of worms, cure trichinosis, and even tapeworm.

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