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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Homeopathy is Best for Recurrent Fungal & Ringworm Infection

 Homeopathy for Recurrent Fungal & Ringworm Infection 





Evey day Homeopath come across many patients who are fed up of relapsing fungal infection , Homeopathy has perfect solution for this problem . 
Ringworm is a common Fungal  infection . The disease is actually caused by a fungus, not a worm. There are many types of ringworm and each is caused by a different type of fungus. Ringworm is due to infection by Dermatophyte fungi. There are three main genera; Trichophyton (skin, hair, and nail infections), Microsporum (skin and hair), Epidermophyton (skin and nails).

 Dermatophytes invade keratin only and in general zoophilic fungi (those transmitted to humans from animals) cause a more severe but short-lived inflammatory response than anthropophilic ones (spread from person to person) they can originate from the soil (Geophilic) or be confined to human skin (Anthrophilic).
Ringworm gets its name from its appearance, not from the agent that causes it. The characteristic feature of ring worm is patches of rough, reddened skin. The patches often contain circular lesions that look as if they were caused by tiny worms under the skin. Overtime the lesions grow outward from their center. The center heals up and becomes dry and crusty. But edges of the lesions become inflamed and spread outwards.

The most common types of ringworm are often named after the part of the body on which they occur.
Body ringworm is also known as Tinea corporis. It can affect any part of the body except scalp, feet, and facial area where a man’s beard grows. These areas are infected with other types of ring worm. It causes well defined flaky sores. The sores can be dry, scaly or moist and crusty.
Scalp ringworm is also known as Tinea capitis. This type of ringworm is seen most commonly in children. It causes scaly, swollen blisters or a rash that looks like black dots. Scalp ringworm sometimes becomes inflamed and filled with pus. These areas can cause crusty, flaky and round bald patches. Scalp ringworm can cause scarring and permanent hair loss.
Ringworm of groin is also known as Tinea cruris or “Jock itch”. It causes raised red sores with marked edges. This type of ringworm can spread to the buttocks, Inner thigh and external genitilia.
Ringworm of nails is also known as Tinea unguium.  It usually starts at the tip of a nail bed. Infections of the fingernails are much less common.
Ringworm of the feet is also known as Tinea pedis and is more commonly known as Athlete’s foot.

The Ringworm that causes infection is spread from one person to another. Sometimes this happens through direct contact. An infected person may touch someone who does not have disease and directly transfer the fungus to the second person. Sometimes fungus is transferred indirectly. For example people with ringworm may leave the fungus on towels, hair brushes, or other objects. Certain conditions increase the risk of spreading the fungi that causes ringworm. These include dampness, humidity, and dirty, crowded living conditions.
Fungal infections of skin are the most common of all and are effectively treated with homoeopathy. This disease is more common in hot and moist weather and is more frequently seen in people who keep their feet enclosed in shoes or socks most of the time, (Athlete’s foot). It is also encouraged by the sharing of wash places and swimming pools. In frequent washing of socks and use of occlusive foot wear encourages relapses.
Homeopathy approach 
In such a common clinical condition the modern system of medicine has limited scope, in the actual treatment of fungal infections of skin, where tropical steroids and antifungal are prescribed. It has been a widely acknowledged fact that homoeopathy can treat this condition effectively and without any side effects.
Let us view it from a homoeopathic stand point “Treat the patient not the disease” which is the dictum of us. The symptomatology is by no means confined to the skin itself, but may involve any part of organ of the body. The true homoeopath recognizes all diseases, whether upon the skin or not, as first a disturbance of the life force or the internal dynamics, and that the symptoms that manifest themselves upon the skin are simply a reflection or external expression of the internal change and that the internal economy is usually relieved by such an expression. For pathological purposes, the objective or external signs upon the skin are frequently sufficient, but for higher therapeutic purpose a fuller comprehension of the true relationship between the pathological and primary internal disturbances must be known, in order to be able to cure our cases by the administration of the internal homoeopathic remedy.

aThe following are the most indicated remedies in fungal infections of skin:
Tinea in general – Bacillinum, Natrum Mur, Phytolacca, Sepia, Tellurium, Thuja, Tuberculinum, Arsalb,                                                         Chrysar.
Tinea barbae – Thuja, Bacillinum, Calc carb, Cicuta, Graphitis, Kali bich, Nit acid, Platina, Staphysagria, Sulphur.
Tinea Capitis – Calc carb, Dulcamara, Phyto, Sepia, Mezerum, Psorinum, Tellurium.
Tinea on face – Tuberculinum, Sepia, Graphitis, Natrum carb, Natrum Mur, Tellurium, Thuja.
Tinea versicolor – Thuja, Natrum ars, Sepia.
 Tellurium: Excellent remedy in homeopathic treatment for Ringworm, red ring-like eruptions that itch and burn violently with offensive smell; excellent in ringworm of scalp 
Sepia: A very useful remedy in homeopathic treatment for Ringworm. Eruptions occur seasonally. Itching is not relieved by scratching and is severe on elbows and knees. Also useful in ringworm of face. 
Thuja: One of the best choices in homeopathic treatment for Ringworm when the skin is greasy. Ringworm of genital region. Complaints are worse in cold, wet weather.
 bacciliinum and psorinum is best intercurrent remedy in case of suppressed skin eruption ,also i had seen good results with rhus tox and Acid chryosophanicum . Juglan Regia is also very important 

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