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Monday, November 21, 2016

Aging Process and Homeopathy

When i started my journey of homeopathy i was consulted doctor at dr prakash vakils hearing homeopathy hospital , it was really nice experince working thir i come across vakils sirs many article and litrature which i still follow, i was working on anti ageing and homeopathy i come across this wornderful article which was published and presented  in 1990 at liga he was truely a one of legend homeopath with his work , i am trig my best to get it more forward

 The Aging Process and Homeopathy
               Proceedings of 45th congress of the LMHI, 1990, Barcelona

by Dr Prakash Vakil.

Some patients look older than their age and some look younger than their age. Some disease conditions like AIDS give rise to premature senility. We individuals, where physical development matches the age of a normal individual but mental development may not match. In some it may lag behind the normal mental development and in some for the age, mental development may seem to be quite advanced. There are individuals where may be normal but physical development may show either older or younger appearance.

A young child always wants to attain adulthood as fast as possible. An adult always wants to look young and active and does not want to be looked upon as belonging to the category of the aged. No one likes to grow old and become incapable of carrying on his normal chores.

John F. Kennedy says, “It is not enough for a great nation to have added new years to life.  Our objective must be to add new life to those years.”

Many books have been written on geriatrics. Even the word Ayurveda (Ancient Indian Medical Science) itself implies the science of longevity. One of the methods `Kayakalpa` (rejuvenation) is `Kuti praveshika`which could be likened to as sort of  hibernation
for a period of three months. The only diet in this period is `Amla` - Emblica
officinalis prepared in a special way.

Homeopathy does not offer something like Ayurveda to make old people young but offers remedies for the complaints of old age and offers remedies for those who may be looking older than their actual physical age. As such it can be a very useful indication
for selecting a remedy in an individual suffering from an intractable problem.  We do not find any mention of patients who look younger than their  age*.

It was decided to study both the categories of cases and find out the remedies clinically.

A compilation of various rubrics and symptoms from repertories and books of material medica was made.  2.    As no criteria have been listed in the books and when they are listed they are difficult in practice e.g. judging the age from the  X-ray of the  bone. The ageing process in relation to the cases observed was judged by observing some of the normal recognized landmarks (e.g. in a  child teething, walking, talking etc.), clinical findings and assessing the patient`s  age by comparing the same with normal average Indian person of the same.

3.      A list of various clinical conditions was also made which may affect the ageing process. 100 patients were studied.

5.      Photographs of the patients were collected before they suffered from the present ailment and the presenting condition was also condition was also photographed.

The remedies which were found useful for treating the condition were compared with the list prepared from the books. 
Total number of patients studied – 100.
Patients looking older than their age – 50    
Patients looking younger than their age-50.

Diagnosis in patients looking older than their age:

Psoriasis, A.S.D., Chronic failure, Ca Larynx, premature graying of hair, osteoporosis, cataract, Parkinson`s disease, marasmus, congenital tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, mental retardation, leprosy etc.

Diagnosis in patients looking younger than their age:

Writer`s cramp, cirrhosis of liver, renal calculus, chronic otitis media, Still`s disease, rickets, frozen shoulder, microcephaly, chronic bronchitis, P.I.D., premature child with congenital heart disease, asthmatic bronchitis, primary complex, bronchial
asthma, myalgia, cretinism, colitis, cataract*, Parkinson`s disease etc.

             *Patient looks younger than his age but has cataract.
              Out of the above cases it was not possible to observe all the patients for a long time.

Some disease conditions like malignancy, renal failure, diabetes mellitus and stress were found to be giving rise to prematuring.

2.  R.E. system was found to be deranged with premature ageing.

3.       Some remedies like Vanadium, Thymus, Arsenicum iodatum which were not listed in Homeopathic material medica for premature aging were found useful.

4.       In patients who looked younger than their age a tubercular background was found in the form of E/H or P/H. Remedies like Nux-v, Bar-c, Ars-I, Sil etc. were found useful in these patients.

5.       Some individuals under observation had inherited premature old look or young look.
More number of patients must be observed. 

 Ref – Proceedings of 45th congress of the LMHI, 1990, Barcelona

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