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Cured Case with Homeopathy By Dr Ajay

since i had worked out in many cases here i am sharing some cases from all section but mostly from Homeopathy cured cases in dermatology . Enjoy Results of successful treated Homeopathy patients

(Please note picture and contains are copyright to Dr Ajay Yadav  )

Leucoderma (vitiligo) treated with Homeopathy

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Eczema Cured with Homeopathy

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 Fungal Infection treated with Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Hair Problem

Mollucm treated with Homeopathy

Allergic skin treated with homeopathy
 Burn with vapur responded on Homeopathy
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 Psoriasis cured with Homeopathy

Ganglion treated with Homeopathy

Warts 5 cases worked with homeopathy
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