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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Homeopathy after care for Tatoos & BODY Piercings

Homeopathy Remedies  after  Tatoos & BODY Piercings

As young generation is making there identity ,here new is tattoo making or body piercing .
 With tattoos and body piercings becoming so popular, and with natural and homeopathic remedies also experiencing a recent rise in popularity, I was surprised that there were no websites anywhere discussing the use of homeopathic remedies with body modifications.  So I have compiled this list of useful homeopathic remedies for common problems associated with tattoos and piercings.  This list is by no means all-inclusive.  As anyone who knows anything about homeopathy knows, everyone can experience vastly different symptoms, and often different people need different remedies for the same problem.  If you are unsure of which remedy would help you, or you don't see your problem discussed here, please consult a licensed homeopath or naturopath.  It's always a good idea to contact your piercer or tattoo artist if you have any questions or problems.  

    There are different strengths of homeopathic remedies.  I like the strength 30C for almost all homeopathic uses (many of the stronger remedies are not available to the lay homeopath.)  With 30C, you usually don't have to repeat the remedy multiple times a day as you would with some of the weaker dilutions, such as 30X or 6C.  With 30C, taking a few pellets once a day is usually sufficient, or if symptoms are very prominent, every 4 to 6 hours works well.  As soon as you start to feel better, discontinue taking the remedy, and only continue taking it again if your symptoms return or worsen.  If your symptoms change, try to figure out which remedy most accurately matches your new symptoms, and begin taking that one.  If a remedy doesn't seem to be helping at all after several doses, try to find one that more closely matches your symptoms.
as a homeopath i always surprise to see new and new cases of skin disease ,.sometime after tattoo peole come with thr strong reaction also 

here few list of homeopathy medicine listed shud use after tattoo or body piercing  

**Arnica montana --
 Arnica is your best friend if you are planning on getting a body piercing or tattoo, and it's a good idea to pick up a vial before your body mod to avoid any further problems.  It is handy to have on hand anyways, since it is so useful for many everyday things (ie. bumps, bruises, strains, sprains, surgery, etc.)  The day before your piercing or tattoo, take 3 pellets of Arnica 30C, and take 3 more the day you're getting the work done.  Take a dose the day after, and daily for up to two weeks, or until the pain is gone or considerably improved.  When the pain is improved, stop taking it.  Arnica is one of the most important remedies for injuries.  It helps minimize bruising, bleeding, swelling, and is one of the foremost medicines for trauma and shock. (Note:  Never use a topical arnica remedy on broken skin!  Always take arnica orally when using it for a tattoo or piercing.)
Aconitum -- If a person is in shock and is experiencing great fright, Aconite is the best remedy.  In cases of shock following the actual procedure, especially where the person insists they feel completely fine, use Arnica instead.
Gelsemium -- For dizziness due to fright.  Also excellent to take if you are nervous beforehand about the procedure.
 Ledum -- Ledum is a primary remedy for puncture wounds, especially when the wound feels cold, or is relieved by cold applications, or if there is bruising not relieved by Arnica.  Good for piercings.

 -- For a puncture wound with sharp, shooting pains, such as pain in the nerves with numbness or tingling, injuries to areas with lots of nerves, and the pain seems to radiate upward, use Hypericum.

Silica --
 This remedy is used to treat absesses resulting from a foreign body, such as piercing jewelery, (unless the symptoms match more closely with Hepar sulph.)  Absesses can result from infection of the piercing, especially when jewellery is removed, and the infection becomes sealed inside the body.

Hepar sulph --
 For an infection or absess that is very sensitive to pain, touch, or cold, in a very irritable person.  The absess has a tendency to form pus, and any discharge smells sour or like old cheese.  Hepar sulph. is useful when the body is trying to reject a piercing, or expel the foreign body.

Lachesis --
 For purplish absesses that are mottled, primarily left-sided, and feel better from discharging.

Mercurius --
 For infections or absesses that are very foul-smelling, in a person who feels chilly and sweaty, with bad breath and a bad or metallic taste in the mouth.  Infected oral piercings respond well to Mercurius.

Arsenicum album --
 If a piercing or tattoo becomes infected, causes burning pains, and the person is nervous, frightened, and restless, give Arsenicum.

Apis --
 Apis is very good when the body is allergic to your piercing jewelery, when there is swelling, stinging pains, and the wound feels warm or hot, almost like a bee sting.
Cantharis -- For burns of any kind, burning pain.
Rhus tox -- Good for an irritated tattoo that is dry, hot, burning, and very itchy, in a person who is restless, and has a hard time finding a comfortable position.
Belladonna -- Belladonna is the right remedy for a feverish person who has alot of bright red bleeding, and the wound is very red, hot, dry, and throbbing.
China -- Good if there is a lot of bleeding, and the person passes out or feels very faint.

    Be sure to go to a reputable, clean shop, keep your wound clean, and diligently follow any aftercare instructions you receive to minimize potential problems.   I hope this list helps you find alternative ways to solve any issues that may come up.  Even if you do decide to pursue homeopathic treatment, it's always advisable to contact the artist who did your body mod if you are having any issues.  Homeopathic treatment can be very helpful in conjunction with traditional treatment and aftercare.  Enjoy your new tattoo or piercing!

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