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Saturday, August 5, 2017


  ©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

very informative article by Dr Rafeeque on dermatology study with few important medicine .

1. Abrotanum: Angioma of face; face becomes purplish from eruptions.
2. Agaricus: Angioedema; burning and itching as from frostbite.
3. Alumina: Itching from warmth of bed; Chapped dry skin, scratch till bleeds.
4. Ammon carb: Eczema of skin folds; Erysipelas in aged with brain symptoms; faintly developed eruptions from poor vitality; Malignant scarlatina.
5. Anacrdium: Itching with irritability; Neurotic eczema; Lichen plannus.
6. Anthracinum: Boils, carbuncles, abscess with terrible burning pains.
7. Ant crud: Eczema with gastric complaints; Itching when warm in bed; Corns.
8. Apis mel: Skin troubles with stinging and burning pains; Urticaria with edematous skin.
9. Arnica: Symmetrical skin lesions; Crops of small boils; Ecchymosis; Bedsores.
10. Ars alb: Burning > by warmth; Ulcers with putrid discharge, restlessness.
11. Ars iod: Exfoliation of large scales leaving raw surface; Eczema < washing.
12. Arum trif: Raw bloody surface; Impetigo contagiosa; Scarlet rash.
13. Asafetida: Nervous troubles from suppressed skin; Itching > scratching; Edges of ulcers painful.
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
14. Astacus: Urticaria allover body; Skin lesions with enlarged lymph nodes.
15. Bacillinum: Ringworm; Eczema of eyelids; glands of neck enlarged and tender.
16. Badiaga: Rhagades: Freckles; Skin sore to touch.
17. Belladonna: Dry and hot skin; Sudden appearance of skin lesions with scarlet redness.
18. Berberis aqui: Scalp eruptions extending to face and neck; Pimples with dry skin; Psoriasis.
19. Boviosta: Urticaria < bathing, morning on waking; Urticaria on excitement, with rheumatism, palpitation, diarrhea; instruments leave deep impression on skin.
20. Bufo rana: Blisters on palms and soles; every slight injury suppurate; bullae leave raw surface with ichorous fluid.
21. Caladium: Sweet sweat attracts flies; Itching and burning from insect bite; itching alternates with asthma.
22. Calendula: Promotes granulation and prevents suppuration; Erysipelas.
23. Cantharis: Vesicular eruptions with burning and itching; Burns with rawness > by cold application; Erysipelas with restlessness; Secondary eczema in genitals from sweating.
24. Carbo animalis: Copper colored eruptions; Warts on hands and face of old people; Dark/blue marks on the skin.
25. Carbolic acid: Itching vesicles with burning; Burns tend to ulcerate; Bed sores.
26. Carcinocin: Malignant melanoma; Skin lesions with family history of cancer.
27. Castor equi: Cracked and ulcerated nipples; Chapped hands; Warts on forehead and breast.
28. Causticum: Facial warts; Soreness of skin folds; Ailments from burns; old injuries reopen; intertrigo during dentition.
29. Chrysarobinum: Skin lesions with foul discharge and crust formation in the entire area; Dry scaly eruptions with violent itching; Scabs with pus underneath.
30. Corallium: Palmo plantar psoriasis; Coral colored, thin dark red spots, changing to copper colored spots; Red, flat ulcers.
31. Croton tig: Intense itching with painful scratching; Vesicular eruptions with burning, itching and oozing; Herpes zoster.
32. Condurango: Fissures at mucocutaneous outlets; Ulcerative stage of skin cancer with fissures.
33. Dolichos: Itching with out eruptions; Senile pruritus; Itching with no swelling or rash; Itching < night; Itching of shoulders, elbow, knee and hairy parts; Herpes zoster.
34. Dulcamara: Itching in cold wet weather ; Warts on palmar surface of hands; Urticaria brought on by exposure or sour stomach; Thick yellow-brown crusts, bleeding when scratched; Humid eruptions of the genitals.
35. Echinacea: Recurrent boils and carbuncles; Infected wounds, ulcers and gangrene; Skin irritations from insect bites and poisons plants.
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
36. Eugenia jambos: Indurated acne painful for some distance around; Comedones.
37. Euphorbium: Vesicular erysipelas; Old ulcers and carbuncles; Gangrene; Ulcerative skin cancer.
38. Graphites: Eruptions with sticky honey like discharge; Rawness in bends of limbs groins, behind ears; Every little injury suppurates; Persistent dryness of skin unaffected by eczema.
39. Gun powder: Septic suppuration; Blood poisoning; Crops of boils; Herpes facialis.
40. Hamamelis: Varicose ulcers; Prickly heat; Purpura; Ecchymosis; Traumatic inflammations.
41. Hepar sulph: Every little injury suppurates; Pus smells like old cheese; Wants to be covered warmly; Ulcers surrounded by little pimples; Chronic and recurrent urticaria; Cracked hands and feet; Sweating with no relief.
42. Hypericum: Hyperidrosis; Hair fall after injury; Lacerated wounds with blood loss and weakness; Eruptions seem to be under the skin.
43. Icthyolum: Itching and scaly eruptions; Crops of boils; Pregnancy itching; psoriasis.
44. Ignatia: Skin lesions from emotional suppression; Sensitive to draught of air; Itching urticaria; Excoriation around vagina and mouth.
45. Kali brom: Acne of face with pustules; Psoriasis; Itching of chest, shoulder and face.
46. Malandrinum: Skin troubles of vaccination; Clears the remnants of cancerous deposits; Rhagades of hands and feet in cold weather and from washing; Skin dry and scale with itching. [©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
47. Mancinella: Large blisters as from scalds; Pemphigus; Fungoid growths; Intense erythema.
48. Medorrhinum: Itching at night when thinking of it; Fiery red rash about anus in babies.
49. Mercurious: Constantly moist skin; Profuse offensive sweat which gives no relief; ulcers with irregular shape with undefined edges; Itching< warmth of bed.
50. Mezerium: Eczema with intolerable itching; eruptions with thick scabs with pus underneath; ulcers with vesicles and red areola around; Herpes zoster; ulcers breed vermin.
51. Myristica s: Panaritium; Hastens suppuration; Acts powerfully than hepar or silicea; Inflammation of cellular tissue; Carbuncles and fistulas.
52. Natrum mur: Oily skin; Eruptions on margin of hair; Fever blisters; Urticaria after exercise; Alopecia; Warts on palms; Skin troubles from sun.
53. Nitric acid: Warts bleeds on touch; Ulcers with splinter like pain; Lesions on mucocutaneous junction; Base of ulcers look like raw flesh; Ulcers with irregular edges.
54. Petroleum: Skin dry rough and cracked; Suppuration from slightest scratch; Rhagades < in winter; Intertrigo; Psoriasis of hands; Leathery skin.
55. Psorinum: Dirty skin; Herpetic eruptions on scalp and bends of joints; Intolerable itching; Suppressed eruptions causes asthma; Itching < warmth of bed.
56. Pulsatilla: Measles; Pimples < fatty food; Urticaria after rich food.
57. Pyrogen: Small injury becomes swollen and inflamed; Septic condition.
58. Rhustox: Vesicular eruptions; Chicken pox; Urticaria; Intense itching; cellulites; Burning eczematous eruptions with scales.
59. Rhus ven: Itching > hot water; Erythema nodosum with night itching and pain in long bones; Dark red erysipelas.
60. Sanicula: Dirty wrinkled skin; Eczemas, fissured hand and fingers.
61. Sarracenia: Aborts chickenpox, arrests postulation; Removes scar of chicken pox.
62. Sec cor: Varicose ulcers with burning, better by cold and uncovering, though cold to touch; Boils with green pus; Great aversion to heat; Skin shriveled, blue colored; Dry gangrene, developing slowly.
63. Sepia: Herpes circinatus in spots; Itching not relieved by scratching; Ringworm; Urticaria in open air, > in warm room; Ichthyosis with offensive skin; Chlosma and lentigo in young women; Hyperidrosis.
64. Silicea: Abscess boils etc; Every little injury suppurates; Promotes expulsion of foreign bodies; Eruptions itch only in day time; scar becomes painful; Profuse sweating.
65. Skookum chuk: Dry eczema; Urticaria; Anti psoric medicine as per Boericke.
66. Staphysagria: Scratching changes location of itching; Eczema with thick scabs and violent itching; Warts. [©Dr Muhammed Rafeequ]
67. Streptococcin: Skin infections of septic origin; Cellulites.
68. Sulphur: Every little injury suppurates; Voluptuous itching; Dry unhealthy skin eruptions; Itching from warmth; Scratching till bleeds; Aversion to washing.
69. Syzygium: Boils and eruptions in diabetic patients.
70. Thuja: Eruptions on covered parts; Warts, naeva, polypi etc; Honey like sweating; Brown spots.
71. Urtica urense: Urticaria with violent itching; Rheumatism alternating with urticaria; Complaints from suppressed urticaria; Burns and scalds; Angioneurotic edema.
72. Variolinum: Pustular eruptions; Preventive and curative in chickenpox; Shingles.
73. Vinca minor: Sensitive skin with redness and soreness from slight rubbing; Eczema of head and face; Hair matted together.
74. Xray: Non healing ulcers; Warty growths; Dry eczema; Erythema around roots of nail.
• Materia Medica by Dr William Boericke,
• A Capsule of Materia medica by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque (
• Be A Master of Materia Medica by Dr Muhammed Rafeeque (
©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India.

©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
I am happy to share this work with you. Here some lesions are given exactly in the form of rubric, but a few rubrics are interpretation as per the appearance of the skin lesions.
1. Acne Simplex: Boericke → Face → Acne simplex
2. Acne Rosacea: Kent → Face → Eruptions → Acne rosacea
3. Psoriasis: Kent → skin→ eruptions → psoriasis (Also given under many parts)
4. Guttate Psoriasis: Kneer → Skin → Eruption → Psoriasis → Guttate
5. Lichen Plannus: Boericke → Skin → Lichen planus
6. Vitiligo: Boericke → Skin → Leucoderma
7. Tinea Versicolor : Boericke→ Skin → Tinea versicolor
8. Tinea Corporis (Ringworm): Boericke → Skin → Trichophytosis → Ringworm
9. Tinea Cruris: Kent → Genitalia Male/female → Eruptions →Herpetic
10. Tinea Capitis: Kent → Head → Eruptions → Herpus → Circinatus
11. Tinea Pedis: Kent → Extremities → Foot → Eruptions → Herpes
12. Pityriais Rosea: Kent →Skin → Eruptions → Red
13. Scabies: Kent → Skin → Eruptions → Scabies
14. Cellulites: Boericke → Generalities → Cellulites
15. Erysipelas: Kent → Skin → Erysipelas [also in parts]
16. Furuncle: Boericke → Skin → Furuncle (Boil)
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
17. Carbuncle: Kent → Skin → Eruptions carbuncle [Refer parts]
18. Impetigo: Boericke → Skin → Impetigo [Refer parts]
19. Bullous Impetigo: Kent → Eruptions → Blisters
20. Ecthyma: Kent → Skin → Eruptions → Ecthyma
21. Eczema: Kent → Skin → Eruptions → Eczema [Refer parts]
22. Nummular/discoid Eczema: Synthesis → Eruptions → Rupia
23. Seborrhea Dermatitis: Robin murphy → Head → Seborrhea
24. Cradle Cap (neonatal seborrhoeic dermatitis): Boericke → Head → Scalp → Crusta lactea
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
25. Seborrheic keratosis: Kent → Skin → excrescences → horny
26. Melasma: Kent → Face → Discoloration → Brown
27. Freckles or Lentigo: Robin Murphy→ Face → Freckles
28. Miliary Rash: Robin Murphy → Skin → Eruptions → Miliary
29. Sunburn : Boericke → Skin → Ephelis
30. CafĂ© de spot: Synthesis → Skin → Discoloration → Brown
31. Mongolian Spot: Boger → Skin → Naevi, birthmark, etc
32. Atopic Dermatitis: Boenninghausen → skin →Eruptions, humid → Chronic eczema
33. Weeping Eczema: Kent → Skin → Eruptions → Discharging → Moist
34. Dishydrotic Eczema or Ponphylox : Synthesis → Skin → Eruptions → Sudamina (Dishydrotic Eczema)
35. Contact Dermatitis: Robin Murphy → Skin → Eruptions → Allergic
36. Intertrigo: Robin Murphy → Skin → Intertrigo
37. Pyoderma: Robin Murphy → Skin → Eruptions → Suppurating
38. Pyoderma Gangrenosum: Robin Murphy → Skin → Eruptions → Phagedenic
39. Necotizing Fascitis: Boericke → Skin → Gangrene
40. Stevens–Johnson Syndrome (Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis ): Boericke → Skin → Gangrene
[©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
41. Pemphigus Vulgaris: Boericke → Skin → Pemphigus
42. Bullous Pemphigoid: Boericke → Skin → Pemphigus
43. Chickenpox: Robin Murphy → Fevers → Chickenpox
44. Small pox: Robin Murphy → Generals → Small pox
45. Herpes zoster: Boericke → Skin → Herpes Zoster
46. Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus: Robin Murphy → Eyes → Herpes
47. Herpes Simplex: Robin Murphy → Generals → Herpes, simplex
48. Measles: Robin Murphy → Fevers → Measles
49. German Measles: Boericke → Fever Exanthemata, eruptive fever → Rubella, Measles
50. Molluscum Contagiosum: Robin Murphy → Generals → Molluscum Contagiosum
51. Skin Tag: Synthesis → Excrescences → Spongy
52. Warts: Synthesis → Skin → Warts.
53. Malignant Warts: Synthesis → Generals → Cancerous
54. Corns: Synthesis → Extremities → Corns
55. Callosities: Synthesis → Skin → Hard → Callosities like
56. Keloid: Synthesis → Skin → Keloid
57. Hemangioma: Synthesis → Tumors → Angioma
58. Naevus: Synthesis → Skin → Nevi
59. Malignant Melanoma: Synthesis → Generals → Cancerous affections → Melanoma [©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
60. Purpura: Synthesis → Skin → Purpura
61. Urticaria: Synthesis → Skin → Eruption → Urticaria
62. Dermographism: Synthesis → Skin → Eruption → Urticaria → Scratching after
63. Angioedema: Boericke → Skin → Edema → Angioneurotic
64. Hydradenitis: Kneer → Outer chest → Axilla → Abscess → Hydradnitis
65. Decubitus Ulcer: Boericke → Skin → Decubitus
66. Systemic Lupus Erthematos (SLE): Robin Murphy →Skin →Lupus → Lupus Erythematosum
67. Scleroderma: Boericke → Skin → Scleroderma
68. Ichthyosis Vulgaris: Boericke → Skin → Ichthyosis
69. Itch scratch syndrome: Robin Murphy → Skin → Itching → Scratching → Changing place on [©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque]
70. In growing Nails: Robin Murphy → Nails → In growing → Nails
71. Panaritium: Robin Murphy → Hands → Nails → Panaritium
72. Onycholysis: Robin Murphy → Hands → Nails → Exfoliation
73. Koilonychia: Phatak → Nails → Curved
74. Clubbing: Phatak → Fingers → Clubbing
75. Splinter Hemorrhage: Robin Murphy → hands → Nails → discoloration → blood, settles under nails
76. Alopecia Areata: Clarke → clinical → alopecia; areata
77. Scalp Psoriasis: Boenninghausen →Head external → Eruption on → Scaly; large (psoriasis)
©Dr Muhammed Rafeeque
Kerala, India.

 i really thanks Dr Muhammed Rafeeque ( for his work and article

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