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Thursday, October 20, 2016


                                                                                                           Dr Ajay Yadav

Cancer is one of the prevailing fears today. The intent of this article is to introduce you to the vital role that Homeopathy can play as a supportive care in Cancer. Cancer is a disease process in which healthy cells stop functioning properly. The process begins with a specific change in the nucleus of the cell, its genetic DNA. The altered DNA reproduces without limit and passes its information and gene sequencing on to other cells, which then become cancer prone. When these genetic alterations remain uncorrected, a cancer process can potentially escalate to its next stage of uncontrolled rapid growth.Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer is classified according to the organ affected (e.g. prostate cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer etc) or type of tissue or cells involved (e.g. adenocarcinoma of lungs, astrocytoma, osteosarcoma) or according to the stage of disease (usually stage I to IV). The prognosis and treatment of different types and stages of cancer varies

There are a variety of different types of cancers out of which the most familiar ones are listed below:

·         Carcinomas are solid tumors that form in the epithelial cells that cover the lungs, breast, prostrate, skin, stomach and colon.

·         Leukemias are an over production of abnormal white cells that form in the blood and bone marrow and travel through the bloodstream creating problems in the spleen and other tissues.

·         Lymphomas are made from abnormal white blood cells that assemble in lymph glands to produce solid cancerous tumors in the neck, groin, armpits, tonsils, spleen, stomach and intestine.

·         Myelomas are rare tumors that appear in the antibody-producing plasma cells or blood cells in various tissues in the bone marrow. It usually causes bone destruction resulting in pain or fracture, low blood counts, kidney problems and repeated infections.

·         Sarcomas are rare, deadly solid tumors that form in the bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, and the outer protective linings of the lungs, abdomen, heart, central nervous system, and blood vessels.

Causes:  Even though cancer is a disease of DNA damage most cancers are due to environmental factors rather than heredity.
·         Various chemicals, pesticides.
·         Tobacco and alcohol.
·         Occupational hazards.
·         Prolonged use of black and dark brown hair dyes, lotions, creams and talc.
·         People living near hazardous waste dumps and nuclear plants are at high risk for cancer.
·         Breast Implants.
·         Repeated exposures to radiation therapies and X-Rays can damage normal cells.
·         Ultraviolet radiation - Prolonged exposure to sun increases risk of skin cancer.
·         Certain viruses like Hepatitis B and C, Human Papillomavirus Virus and Epstein Barr Virus are associated with increased cancer risk.
·         Immune system diseases like AIDS can make a person vulnerable to cancer.
·         Meat hormones.
·         High fat, high cholesterol diets are a risk to colon, uterus and prostrate cancers.
·         Hereditary - if an abnormal gene responsible for causing cancer is passed from parent to child.

Warning signs :
·         Unusual bleeding or discharge from any parts of your body like nipples, penis or in urine or stool.
·         A sore which does not heal, or is getting more painful or starts to bleed.
·         Change in bowel or bladder habits.
·         Sensation of lump in breast, scrotum or elsewhere.
·         Persistent sore throat that doesn’t heal.
·         Nagging cough that does not get better, bloody sputum and change in voice.
·         A very noticeable change in border, color or size of existing warts or moles.
·         Constant indigestion or difficulty in swallowing with pressure in throat or chest.
·         Unexplained changes in weight.
·         Loss of appetite.
·         Chronic fatigue with weakness, paleness, flu like symptoms, enlarged lymph nodes.
·         Unexplained bone pain or swelling.
·          Lumps in the mouth, ulcers on the lip, tongue or inside of the mouth that does not heal.
·         Discomfort in the abdomen with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation.

Homeopathic approach :

Homeopathy does not always treat the Cancer, but can be helpful as a supportive measure in all stages of Cancer. Along with the conventional treatment methods of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, Homeopathy can help ease the pains, discomforts and fears associated with surgery, as well as the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It can assist individuals in enabling them to embrace the transition by improving the vitality and general sense of well being, it may stop to a certain extent the spread and complications of the disease process.

In certain initial stages of Cancer Homeopathic medicines may possibly change some of the hereditary weaknesses, called miasms in Homeopathy, which make some people more vulnerable to Cancer. Along with all conventional modalities a holistic lifestyle, a diet rich in raw organic foods and juices, regular exercise, regular detoxification of eliminative channels and organs with Homeopathic remedies, can dramatically increase your chances of fighting and reversing cancer. Detoxification is an important aspect of cancer protocols, by which we can optimize the well being of our immune system which is a powerful defense against cancer.

There are specific Homeopathic remedies for various Cancers that target the tumor and may reverse its growth. A remedy is selected which matches the symptom picture of the tumor itself along with other symptoms such as the patient’s food cravings, physical constitution, other individual characteristics of the patient.

Some Homeopathic remedies act as drainage remedies and assist in healing the patient’s eliminative channels (kidneys, urinary tract, lymphatic system, liver, etc), and strengthen cell detoxification. This approach fixes the cause of the tumors rather than attacking the tumor directly. It stops the malignant growth, eventually absorbing and discarding it from the body.

Constitutional Homeopathic remedies when matched to an overall constitution of the patient by getting a detailed picture of the patient’s mental, emotional, and physical symptoms may eliminate the tumor in initial stages. By assisting the body in addressing and resolving the energy that underlies the tumor, it can result in complete elimination of the tumor. The best selected constitutional remedy can also support drainage and detoxification of various eliminative channels and organs. 

Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and have no harmful side-effects. In advanced stages of cancer the condition may be incurable but Homeopathy can help ease pain and prolong life.

Homeopathic remedies for cancer of uterus (Endometrial Cancer)

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help for treating cancer of uterus are Bufo Rana, Lilium Tigrinum, Lachesis and Murex. Homeopathic medicine Bufo Rana is mainly used when bleeding from vagina occurs in between periods. The blood is mainly clotted and offensive. Burning pains are often present in the uterine region. Lilium Tigrinum is the natural Homeopathic medicine that is very beneficial in treating uterus cancer cases. This Homeopathic medicine is mainly used when there is heaviness and a distended feeling in uterine region, with an extreme bearing down sensation.
 Women requiring Lilium Tigrinum may have an enhanced sexual desire. Lachesis is the best Homoeopathic remedyforwomen with uterine cancer who complain of extreme heat flushes and palpitations. Homeopathic medicine Murex is the ideal remedy when severe pulsating, sore or sharp pains are present in the womb. The uterus may be enlarged also. A prominent symptom for the use of this medicine is extension of the pain from womb upwards towards the breast. The other natural Homeopathic medicines used for treating cancer of uterus are Kreosote, Sepia, Phosphorus and Ustilago.
Natural Homeopathic medicines Kreosote, Hydrastis, Iodum, Sepia and Argentum Nitricum can be considered as natural cancer treatments that work effectively in treating the cancer of cervix. Kreosote is the topHomeopathic medicine for the treatment of cervical cancer. This is mainly used if the vaginal discharges are very offensive and acrid, causing a violent corrosive itching of the genitals. Another indication for using this medicine is bleeding from vagina after coition. Homeopathic medicine Hydrastis is prescribed when the vaginal discharge is thick yellow and excoriating with erosion of the cervix. Iodum is the best remedyin the Homeopathic mode of treatment for women with cervical cancer who loseflesh even with a good appetite. Extreme weakness and emaciation are leading symptoms for using Iodum in cervical cancer cases. NaturalHomeopathic medicine Sepia is the ideal choice when there is pain in vagina during coition. It may be accompanied by a discharge from vagina of greenish or yellowish colour. A feeling of relaxation in pelvic organs with bearing down pains in pelvis confirm the use of Homeopathic remedy Sepia. Homeopathic medicine Argentum Nitricum, on the other hand, is the top remedy when vaginal bleeding occurs very frequently in between periods.

 Homeopathic medicines for breast cancer

The top natural Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of breast cancer are Conium, Phytolacca, Hydrastis and Asterias Rubens. Homeopathic remedies Conium and Phytolacca are prescribed for hard lumps with pain in the breast. Hydrastis is a Homeopathicremedy that is very beneficial when sharp cutting pains in breast predominate with retraction of nipple. Excessive emaciation and weakness along with breast cancer point towards the use of Hydrastis. Asterias Rubens is a very beneficial Homeopathic medicine for not only early stages of breast cancer but also late stages when ulcerations have set in. At this stage, this Homeopathic medicine is used when foul smelling discharges are evident with acute pains that may be of a piercing or stabbing nature.

 Homeopathic medicine  for cancer of stomach

The effective natural Homeopathic medicines to treat stomach cancer are Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Lycopodium. The Homeopathic medicine selection depends entirely upon the symptoms of each patient. Arsenic Album is a very beneficial Homeopathic remedy for burning type of pains in stomach of patients diagnosed with stomach cancer. Dark blood is present in vomitus and stool. The stool is also very offensive. The stool and vomiting get worse after eating or drinking anything. Extreme weakness and fear of death are present to the utmost degree. The patient requiring Arsenic Album usually craves for warm drinks. Natural Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus is the best remedy when bright red blood appears in vomitus or stool. The stool is followed by extreme weakness. The painin the stomach getting relieved by taking cold drinks is a symptom of high value to use this Homeopathic medicine. The patient requiring Phosphorus usually shows a craving for ice creams, juices and cold drinks. Homeopathic medicine Lycopodium is the ideal choice when the symptoms of acidity with sour and burning belching predominate in patients of stomach cancer. The stomach is always distended with gas. The patient also shows a loss of appetite with emaciation. A craving for hot food, hot liquids and sweets may be present.

 Homeopathic medicines for cancer of colon and rectum (Colorectal Cancer)
The top Homeopathic medicines for Colorectal Cancer are Alumina, Aloe and Nitric Acid. Alumina is the best Homeopathicremedy whenconstipation of the severest form is present in patients of Colorectal Cancer. The stool remains in the rectum for long without any urge to pass it. The passage of stool requires great straining even if the stool is soft. Homeopathic medicine Aloe is the ideal remedy when persistent diarrhoea (loose stool) is the prominent symptom in patients with Colorectal Cancer. The stool is preceded and attended with cutting pains in rectum. The pains get better after passing stool. The stool may contain blood with burning in rectum. It may also pass involuntarily. Weakness, sweating and even faintness follow the passage of stool. Homeopathic medicine Nitric Acid suits patients of Colorectal Cancer who have bright red bleeding from rectum during stool. This is associated with violent pain in rectum that continues for many hours after passing stool.

 Homeopathic medicines for Cancer of Lungs
Acalypha Indica, Bryonia Alba and Phosphorus are the top natural Homeopathic medicines for treatment of lung cancer. Acalypha Indica is the top Homeopathic remedyfor lung cancer patients when the blood from lungs is bright red and usually worse in morning. This is accompanied by hard and dry cough. The patients who can benefit byHomeopathic medicine Acalypha Indica are emaciated, which increases gradually. Bryonia Alba is the top Homeopathic medicine when rust-coloured sputa is spit out with dry cough. Pain in chest on coughing is usually present, mainly of stitching character. Phosphorus is the Homeopathic medicine that is recommended for chest heaviness and oppression. This can be accompanied by burning in the chest. The sputa is bright red in colour. The patient may show an excessive desire for cold drinks along with chest symptoms.

 Homeopathic medicines for cancer of kidney (renal cancer)
The best natural Homeopathic medicines to treat renal cancer are Chimaphila, Formica Rufa and Solidago. Chimaphila is given to patients of renal cancer when the urine contains blood and mucus. A burning sensation accompanies urination. The person has to strain to pass urine. Homeopathic medicine Formica Rufa works well when bleeding occurs while urinating with an increased urge for urination. Solidago is the Homeopathic remedy that is recommended when there is pain in back in kidney region. Passage of urine is difficult and painful. The quantity of urine is scanty with blood.

Homeopathic medicines for cancer of bladder(urinary bladder)

The best natural Homeopathic medicines to treat cancer of bladder are Equisetum, Clematis and Terebinthiniae. Homeopathic medicine Equisetum works well in those cases of bladder cancer where the main complaint is constant fullness and pain in the bladder. Even after urination, there is no relief from pain. This is always accompanied by a frequent desire to pass urine at short intervals. The urine passes out in large quantities. Immediately after passing urine, however, the urge is renewed. Clematis is the ideal Homeopathic remedy for bladder cancer patients who have a frequent urge to pass urine but the quantity of urine is very scanty. Homeopathic medicine Terebenthiniae is recommended when the urine contains dark or blackish blood. Burning pains in bladder are always associated.

Homeopathic remedies for cancer of prostate

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in the treatment of prostate cancer are Sabal Serrulata and Conium. Sabal Serrulata is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for treating prostate cancer. It gives good results when the main symptom is the constant desire to pass urine. The frequency of urine mainly disturbs the patient at night. The urine is discharged or passes out with much difficulty. The prostate is enlarged in almost all the patients in whom Sabal Serrulata is indicated. NaturalHomeopathic medicine Conium is very beneficialfor treating prostate cancer when the bladder is not emptied in one go. The urine flow is intermittent. The urine comes and stops and much time is utilised in emptying the bladder.

Homeopathic medicines for cancer of liver and gall bladder

The top natural Homeopathic medicines for treating the cancer of liver and gall bladder arethe same and the selection depends upon the individual symptoms ofeach patient. The Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial for the treatment of cancer of liver and gall bladder are Chelidonium, Chionanthusand Phosphorus. Chelidonium is the best Homeopathic medicine for treating liver and gall bladder diseases. This Homeopathic remedy is used when jaundice and other symptoms like pain in right side of upper abdomen are well marked. This is also accompanied by pain under the right shoulder in scapula.  The patient may also show a desire for hot drinks and hot food along with the other symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Chionanthus is the ideal remedy when jaundice is accompanied by a thick coating on the tongue. The appetite is also totally absent. The stool is clay coloured. Phosphorus is a Homeopathic remedy of great help for loose stool with extreme weakness. Vomiting and nausea are also experienced. There is a desire for cold drinks, ice creams and juices.
 Homeopathic medicines for cancer of pancreas
The natural Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial for treating cancer of pancreas are Cadmium Sulph, Ceanothus and Hydrastis. Fora complete cure, any of these Homeopathic medicines can be given after taking complete case history of the patient suffering from cancer of pancreas.
Homeopathic medicines for cancer of mouth (oral cancer)
Arsenic Album, Merc Sol and Cundurango are the best natural Homeopathic medicines for oral cancer. Arsenic Album is the top Homeopathic remedy when the symptoms are dryness and burning in mouth. Saliva contains blood and there may be a metallic taste in mouth. Merc Sol is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when there is an increased saliva in the mouth with a horribly offensive odour. Homeopathic medicine Cundurango is useful when the corners of mouth show deep painful fissures in oral cancer.

 Homeopathic medicines for treating cancer of oesophagus

The most important natural Homeopathic medicines for treatment of oesophageal cancer are Carbo Veg, Hydrastis and Lycopodium. Any one of these Homeopathic medicines can prove useful depending upon the individual symptomsnarrated by the patient.

 Homeopathic treatment for cancer of larynx

Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Phytolacca are the natural Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial in treating cases of laryngeal cancer. Which Homeopathic medicine out of these suits the patient best is determined after taking into view the individual symptoms.

Homeopathic medicines for bone cancer

The natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help for patients of bone cancer are Syphilinum, Hecla Lava and Symphytum. Syphilinum is basically used for cancer of long bones where severe pains are present. Night aggravation of pains is an important indicator. Hecla Lava is the Homeopathic remedy for cancer of jaw bones. Symphytum is prescribed when the bones are broken due to cancerous affections. This Homeopathic medicine can help in reuniting the bones.

Some Homeopathic Remedies for cancer

Following is the list of some common used homeopathic remedies for cancer

Details of homeopathic remedies for cancer

Calcarea fluorica. [Calc-f]
This homeopathic remedy for cancer is most useful for knots, kernels or hardened lumps in the female breast, accompanied with indurated glands of stony hardness; the enlargements may occur in the fasciae. It will prevent the development of cancer, and should be considered always in the cases where the breasts present suspicious lumps. Enchondroma.

Lapis albus. [Lap-a]
Several cases of incipient scirrhus (cancer) of the breasts, presenting retraction of the nipple, and the other characteristic symptoms have been cured with this remedy. It is of signal use in many cases of goiter. Dr. E. G. Jones recommends Lapis in malignant diseases of the uterus where the discharges are black and offensive and intense burning pains all through the diseased part.

Silicea. [Sil]
This homeopathic remedy will often abate the pains of cancer. Lupus and sarcoma with a thick yellow and offensive discharge.

Hecla lava. [Hecla]
Osteomata (Bone Cancer), not so-called ivory tumors, but those of spongy nature.

Conium. [Con]
Great hardness of the infiltrated glands, with flying stitches in them worse at night. Cancer, mammary tumors of beginning of scirrhus; chief remedy, especially useful after contusions and bruises, it corresponds particularly to glandular bruises. Here it is an absolute specific, and the writer advises the 30th potency. Dr. O. S. Haines has verified this statement. The irritability seems the characteristic. Epithelioma, enlarged testicles or uterus.

Condurango. [Cund]
This homeopathic remedy for cancer has achieved considerable reputation is cancer of the stomach and various forms of carcinoma. Many cases have improved under the Ix; open cancer and cancerous ulcers; it modifies the pain. Bernstein believes the field of this remedy to be in epithelioma, especially in open and ulcerated types. He recommends the 6x potency, and has had remarkable results from its use.

Baryta carbonica. [Bar-c]
Fatty tumors appearing here and there over the body.

Baryta iodide. [Bar-i]
Hard cancerous tumors of the breast. Ovarian tumors with a scrofulous taint.

Phytolacca has a tendency to fat formation, and may prove useful in fatty tumors as well as in hard, painful nodosities in the breast. Cancers of the breast when the tumors is hard, painful and purple. It acts as an absorbent in fibroid tumors of the uterus.

Plumbum iodatum. [Plb-i]
Inflamed indurated masses in the female breast slowly developing. The hard, unchangeable character, the slow development and the supervention of painful inflammations therein are the elements of decision.

Arsenicum. [Ars]
This homeopathic remedy corresponds to the general phenomena of the cancerous diathesis, though Bayes notes that we have other remedies which may posses more power over cancer indicated. It is said to be almost a specific for lupus, and its special indications in any form of tumor, be it cancer or not, the sharp burning and lancinating pain, the weakness and debility and the general Arsenicum symptoms known so well. In other words, the patient is to be treated, not the disease.

Bromine is sometimes useful for mammary cancer.
Iodine. Cancer of the uterus, with profuse haemorrhage.
Aggravation from warmth. Excessive hunger.
Morphine, when there is great susceptibility to pain, may be of service.

Phosphorous. [Phos]
Fungoid and bleeding growths. Fungus haematodes.

Thuja. [Thuj]
Bleeding fungi. There is on record the cure of a fungus tumor of the orbit, with this remedy and Carbo vegetabilis, in the Austrian Field Marshal Radetsky. It is also a remedy for polypoid growths in the nose and ears. The epithelial variety of cancer, and cauliflower excrescences would seem to correspond to this remedy. Dr. Helmuth also considered Thuja as a valuable remedy in sarcoma. Palpillomata also comes within its field.

Hydrastis. [Hydr]
This remedy corresponds to what Jousset terms the epithelial diathesis and is of undoubted and special value in epithelioma and uterine cancer. Our English confreres praise this remedy in simple glandular tumors of the breast; here it allays the pain retards the growth and improves the patient generally. The dyspeptic symptoms of the remedy lead to its choice. The hydrastis treatment is one of the best known in cancer.

Cicuta. Epithelioma, honey colored scabs.
Kali sulphuricum has cured cases of facial epithelioma when operation was refused.
Cuprum aceticum will allay with the distressing vomiting in carcinoma. Dr. Pope, of England thinks no scirrhus of the breast should be removed until Hydrastis has been tried.
Hydrastis corresponds to the cancer diathesis, the worn jaded look, the sallow complexion hide-bound state of the skin, low spirits, loss of appetite, constipation, as well as to the ulcerative stage. It has cured lupus, epithelioma and malignant ulcers. Tumors of the stomach and pylorus have disappeared under the continued use of Hydrastis.

Radium. [Rad-br]
The use of this substance has been heralded as a homeopathic remedy for cancer. Though it produces actually and pathologically that disease, it has never cured cancer in any dosage nor in any stage of that affection. It use in all doses save those of Homoeopathy is dangerous and should be avoided. However, the excellent provings by Dieffenbach have precisioned its use and it may indicated therefore, not in Cancer, but in what Vannier so happily the terms that “Cancerinique” dyscrasia, which means the abnormal blood conditions which tend toward that disease, and always precede it. Thus it use is confined to the pregrowth manifestations when we have such symptoms as aching pains, itching over the body, pains resembling a chronic arthritis. Apprehension. Mentally tired and irritable patients. Pimples on the skin and spots which itch and burn.Restlessness, heat in stomach, flatulence and constipation. The 30th potency is as low as it should be used. We can never be certain whether a patient has not been subjected in some unknown way to radium emanations and by giving the remedy in the lower strengths we may add to the trouble. A recent finding of the New York Health Department (April, 1932) says : “In regions where radio-active minerals were mined an increased incidence of cancer, especially of cancer of the lungs, had been noted.” It also condemned the use of so-called radium waters as elements of danger. A study of the “cancerinique’ or pregrowth symptoms will give positive information as to the approach of this disease, and positive indications for the remedies that should be used to prevent the same.

Certain home measures to fight Cancer:
·         Avoid heavily processed foods.
·         Eat a variety of vegetables and fruits each day.
·         Choose whole grains in preference to processed grains and sugars.
·         Limit consumption of red meats, especially those processed and high in fat.
·         Adopt a physically active lifestyle.
·         Lose weight if currently overweight.
·         Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages.
·         Deal with stress before allowing it to overtake you.
·         Avoid pesticides and chemicals that are known carcinogens.
Hence, consider Homeopathy to manage symptoms of Cancer, side effects from Conventional chemo and radiation therapies, control pain, improve well being and quality of life.  Homeopathy should be used with, not in place of, standard Cancer Conventional therapies.

(Homeopathy article prepare from hpay ,dr sharma ,dr ramkirshnan refrence )

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