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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Dr Ajays Homeopathy Travel Kit for Travelers in India

 Homeopathy Travel Kit from Dr Ajays Homeopathy for Travelers in India

Today every one wish to see India because  of his variety of culture and spiritual aspect .travelers always face some kind of health problem As India is a developing nation, visitors need to
take special precautions against illnesses not normally encountered at
home. A trip to a doctor or travel clinic is recommended well in
advance of your departure date to ensure that you receive all the
necessary immunizations and medications. In particular, the following common health issues should be addressed.

if you are planning to travel to India we had prepared something nice welcome homeopathy kit for you for travel .This is a unique way to relieve sickness during travel without swallowing bitter pills. You can take it on your flight handbag or during your train journey.

We have put 10 medicines including an ointment, all homeopathy products, inside the kit and they are helpful in handling 10 different diseases from fever, headache to colic and vomiting Diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, cough, common cold and minor injuries are other problems that can be effectively handled through the Homeopathy  medicines in the kit.
 as a welcome are travelers to India specially in Mumbai  we are offering it less and customized pries

 you can always visit our center and pick up your travel kit  

Here are some homeopathic remedies that are
useful for traveling
ACONITUM NAPELLUS– Remedy for shock, sudden cold or any situation where symptoms come on violently and suddenly
Remedy that may be used for fear, apprehension or anxiety associated
with travel. It's also suggested for someone who has a fear of heights,
crowds, closed spaces or water
APIS—Insect stings, specially bees and jellyfish. Burning
and stinging pain with rapid, pink or red, puffy swelling of the
affected part.  The affected skin may feel hot, sensitive, tender, and
sore.  The person feels better when applying cold to the area and feels
worse with heat.
ARNICA– Universal remedy
for cuts, bruises, concussion. The person often feels worse with
movement and does not want to be touched. Arnica is especially useful
for bruises and injuries that feel sore.
ARSENICUM ALBUM– Main homeopathic
remedy for diarrhea caused by spoiled or tainted food and traveler's
diarrhea Burning diarrhea accompanied by extreme tiredness, anxiety,
restless, and nausea and vomiting suggest this remedy.
BELLADONNA– Fever with high temperature, red skin and dilated pupils. The person may have headache and dizziness.
CANTHARIS– Remedy for
insect stings when the affected part is very red, intensely burning, and
painful after a bite.  Watery blisters may develop on the affected
part. Also remedy for urine infections with burning pain.
CARBO VEGETABILIS– Remedy for collapse with cold and clammy skin
helpful for jet lag and motion sickness.  This remedy can be taken every
twelve hours starting two days before the flight until three days after
the flight. .
HYPERICUM– For any injury
that involves nerve pain or injury.  There may be tingling or numbness.
The person feels worse when he or she is touched or feels cold.
IPECACUANHA– Severe diarrhea
accompanied by nausea or vomiting. There may also be sharp pains and
frequent bowel movements with stools that may look slimy, frothy or
LEDUM– Remedy for poison
oak and for bites and stings of any kind. The sting or bite may be
accompanied by swelling around the area, a bluish tinge to the skin, a
cold, numb feeling, and an ache.   As a preventative measure, Ledum can
be taken for the three days prior to departure and for the duration of
the trip.
NUX VOMICA– Remedy for overindulgence in food and drink that brings on nausea headache and chilliness.

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SO enjoy your journey  with us  mail us at or call us at +919892238605 to pick up your Homeopathy travel kit

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