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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Homeopathy Help For Your skin in Winter

Homeopathy Help For Your skin in Winter

When you prepare for seasonal skin problems, it's important to remember that caring for your skin in winter is just as important as it is in the summer.  Winter gives rise to environmental challenges that often lead to dry itchy skin, sun burns, and other skin conditions.  Cold wind outdoors and exposure can lead to chapped and chafing skin, while indoor heating systems can dry your skin out without warning. we have some homeopathic remedies to help you take care of your skin in winter do tri them 

Healing skin support for diverse irritations, including rashes, bed sores, eruptions, acne and blemishes.  This homeopathic remedy  that support healthy skin with those that help the skin purge itself of eruptions, acne and other irritations. This includes relief of dry itchy skin, weak skin with burning eruptions, itchy rashes and pustular rashes.

Homeopathy Medicine 
Arsenicum alb - Relieves itching, swelling and burning eruptions that are often dry rough and scaly and may ulcerate, but they are almost always worse with cold.
 Berberis vulg - Applies to eruptions that like cold applications to soothe the itching, burning pustular rashes, especially of the hands and anus.
 Echinacea ang - Helps the system tackle recurring sores/pimples, ulcers or bed sores as well as irritation from insect bites or aggravating plants.
 Sulphur - Helps various eruptions with dry scaly unhealthy skin that itches and burns and does not like to be scratched or washed.
 First, consider 3 rubric symptoms we took in our analysis, and then read materia medica points.
Calcarea carb skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
Unhealthy; readily ulcerating; flaccid.  Small wounds do not heal readily.  Glands swollen.  Nettle rash; better in cold air.  Warts on face and hands.  PETECHIAL ERUPTIONS.  Chilblains.  Boils.
Petroleum skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
Itching at night.  Chilblains, moist, itch and burn.  Bed-sores.  SKIN DRY, CONSTRICTED, VERY SENSITIVE, ROUGH AND CRACKED, LEATHERY.  Herpes.  Slightest scratch makes skin suppurate.  (HEPAR.) Intertrigo; psoriasis of hands.  THICK, GREENISH CRUSTS, BURNING AND ITCHING; REDNESS, RAW; CRACKS BLEED EASILY.  Eczema.  Rhagades WORSE IN WINTER.
Sepia skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
Herpes circinatus in isolated spots.  Itching; not relieved by scratching; worse in bends of elbows and knees.  Chloasma; herpetic eruption on lips, about mouth and nose.  Ringworm-like eruption every spring.  Urticaria on going in open air; better in warm room.  Hyperhidrosis and bromidrosis.  Sweat on feet, worse on toes; intolerable odor.  Lentigo in young women.  Ichthyosis with offensive odor of skin.
 Psorinum skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
Dirty, dingy look.  Dry, lusterless, rough hair.  INTOLERABLE ITCHING.  Herpetic eruptions, especially on scalp and bends of joints with itching; worse, from warmth of bed.  Enlarged glands.  Sebaceous glands secrete excessively; oily skin.  Indolent ulcers, slow to heal Eczema behind ears.  Crusty eruptions all over.  Urticaria after every exertion.  Pustules near finger-nails.
Sulphur skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
DRY, SCALY, UNHEALTHY; EVERY LITTLE INJURY SUPPURATES.  Freckles.  ITCHING, BURNING; WORSE SCRATCHING AND WASHING.  Pimply eruption, pustules, rhagades, hang-nails.  Excoriation, especially in folds.  (LYC.) Feeling of a band around bones.  Skin affections after local medication.  PRURITUS, especially from warmth, in evening, often recurs in spring-time, in damp weather.
Alumina skin:
Skin cracks in winter Skin eruptions more in winter Patient is aggravated in winter
Chapped and dry tettery.  Brittle nails.  INTOLERABLE ITCHING WHEN GETTING WARM IN BED.  Must scratch until it bleeds; then becomes painful.  Brittle skin on fingers.
Bio Cell Salt  for Skin In Winter
Calc Sulph - As calcium sulphate is a vital part of our cleansing systems, its cell salt remedy helps us heal wounds, skin disorders, pimples, sore throats and other conditions which tend to suppurate - form yellow pus.
In skin conditions with yellowishness, Calc sulph encourages healing in wounds, eruptions, pimples, acne and sores. It is particularly useful when sore has opened and continues to discharge. Thus it is commonly used after Silica, the cell salt often used to bring skin issues to the surface. If you have burning, itching, sweaty soles and the typical strong foot odors that follow, Calc sulph can bring much relief.
One factor that separates Calc sulph from the other Calc remedies (and a very similar remedy, Hepar sulph), is that heat makes everything feel worse. Though cold air may aggravate symptoms, those who need Calc phos most hate being too hot or in hot stuffy rooms and will kick off the covers most of the time. For its mental or constitutional range, most books refer to a brooding jealousy or sibling rivalry. Though most suited to individuals with allergies and skin problems who enjoy walking in the open air, Calc sulph can give us all a good cleansing when needed.
Silica - As many cells need its source for strength, the cell salt Silica helps restore weak tissues that lack the strength to expel or root out congestions and irritants. For skin, it helps eliminate splinters, acne, eruptions and corns.
Made from rock crystal, this cell salt’s source provides the strength in straw, plant stems, sponges, feathers, hair, skin, nails, bone surfaces and other tissues. Nicknamed the ‘grit’ cell salt, Silica’s strengthening action helps many conditions that need strength, cleansing or purging, especially in weakened individuals and disorders.
When weak or overtaxed cleansing systems cause skin and glandular symptoms, Silica can help the body clear out many issues. In the skin, it helps clear acne, splinters, sores, corns, scar tissue, tooth pain, athlete’s foot and toenail fungus.

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