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Monday, November 9, 2015

Homeopathy for Night Terrors in Children

 Homeopathy for Night Terrors in Children

Manytime patients come and tell us his child He suddenly wakes up
Shrieking and trembling and if no one is there in the room then at times he wets the bed. I have been to child specialists but the treatment they give makes him very sleepy and I have observed that his performance at school has suffered. My husband and I are extremely worried. Could you please guide us correctly? Also if you can advice some homoeopathic treatment.

Night terrors are sudden, dramatic interruptions during a child's sleep. During a night terror a child looks frightened and may scream or thrash violently. His pupils maybe wide, breathing and heartbeat maybe very rapid. Often a child with night terrors does not respond when his parents try to offer comfort. After about 5 to 10 minutes the episode usually ends and the child falls asleep. When he wakes up the next day he may not remember anything at all about this incident.About 1 to 5 % of children suffer from night terrors especially boys between the age of 5 to 7 years. Sometimes these terrors run in families and are occasionally triggered by a fever. Although a few children with night terrors have emotional problems most do not and their terrors stop by the time they are teenagers. About one-third also have problems with sleep walking.

Why it happens ? 

No one knows why but most night terrors happen between midnight and 2 am. Suddenly your sleeping child will scream or cry, move violently and look very scared. He will seem confused and disoriented and may even complaint of seeing things that are not there. Breathing is very rapid and his heart will pound but no matter how hard you try to console, he probably won't respond. Soon he will fall asleep again without ever remembering the episode.

Although your frightened child may seem to be totally alert, he is really more asleep than awake. Turn on the lights in the room and talk to him calmly. Touch him gently and try to pacify him. If he is thrashing violently, move him away from sharp objects and bed corners. If he is sleep walking guide him back to bed but do not try to wake him up. For the sake of safety, if your child has night terrors and sleeps in a bunk bed, move him to the bottom bunk. To prevent midnight accidents clear away the toys from the floor near your child's bed and put appropriate coverings.
Most children outgrow night terrors by the time they are teenagers but if you have any concerns or questions ask your doctor. If your child is having serious emotional problems at home or in school counseling or psychiatric treatment can help.


There are a number of homoeopathic medicines for helping and relieving night terror syndrome. One of the most important remedy is STRAMMONIUM. In this remedy the child becomes aggressive and violent, cannot bear solitude and darkness, says he sees ghosts, hears voices. They are extremely afraid even though they know they are not real. These are children who always want the light on and the presence of someone else in the room till they fall asleep.

Here the severity of violence (like Strammomium) is not present instead the child keeps picking on his bedclothes, plays with hands and reaches out for things that do not exist.
This drug is useful in children who get convulsions especially from fright. They have a tendency to talk, cry out while still asleep. This child will fear being alone. There is involuntary urination at night and from hearing running water sound.

Gelsemium is excellent when the child goes to bed with "fear". Fear could be due to anything, it could be of darkness, going to school next morning, sleeping alone, fear of exams etc. Due to this fear the child may pass urine or stool in bed or may wake up with fever. Constitutionally also they are very nervous, fearful children. They wake up frightened and trembling.
Gelsemium  at bed time will help this child tremendously.

"Anxious dreams, sees horrible apparitions and starts in his sleep. Dreams about fatal accidents." Wakes up as if he had awful dreams. Child whines, cries and stutters about everything. Constitutionally they are very irritable, aggressive, impatient, peevish children who want to be carried all the time for comfort.
Chamomilla  at bed time will help the child.

The causticum child is afraid at night, in the evening with fearful ideas. "Timorous anxiety." Always anticipating some dreadful event. Fear of death, fear that something will happen to his family. Anxiety before falling asleep.
Causticum  at bed time will soothe the child.

Refrence taken from Dr shirin wadia 

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