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Monday, September 14, 2015

No Surgery Use Homeopathy for Piles(Hemorrhoids)

 No Surgery Use Homeopathy for Piles

 Hemorrhoids are masses, clumps, cushions of tissue in the anal canal – they are full of blood vessels, support tissue, muscle and elastic fibers.
.Although hemorrhoids are thought of as unpleasant inflammations, we all have them. It is when the hemorrhoidal cushions become too big (inflamed) that problems occur – when this happens they are called piles or pathological hemorrhoids.
“piles” are the swollen ones that are painful and cause problems, hemorrhoids can refer to the swollen ones (pathological hemorrhoids) or simply the normal structure.

Piles can be of various sizes and may be internal (inside the anus) or external ones (outside the anus). Typically, internal piles occur from 2 to 4cm above the opening of the anus. External piles (perianal hematoma) occur on the outside edge of the anus. The internal ones are much more common.3
 Internal hemorrhoids –
they are classified into four grades:7
  • Grade 1 – there are small inflammations, usually inside the lining of the anus. They are not visible.
  • Grade 2 – larger than Grade 1 hemorrhoids, and also inside the anus. When passing a stool they may get pushed out, but soon return.
  • Grade 3 – often called ‘prolapsed hemorrhoids’; these appear outside the anus. The patient may feel them hanging out. They can be pushed back in if the patient presses with his/her finger.
  • Grade 4 – these cannot be pushed back in and need to be treated by a doctor. They are large and stay outside the anus all the time.Untitled-8
External hemorrhoids –
called perianal hematoma. These are small lumps that are located on the outside edge of the anus. They are extremely itchy and can be painful if a blood clot forms inside (thrombosed external hemorrhoid). Thrombosed external hemorrhoid requires medical treatment straight away.8

What are the signs and symptoms of piles?
A symptom is something the patient feels and describes, such as a pain, while a sign is something everybody can see, such as a rash.
  • A hard lump may be felt around the anus. It consists of coagulated blood, called a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. This can be extremely painful.
  • After going to the toilet, a feeling that the bowels are still full.
  • Bright red blood after a bowel movement.
  • Itchiness in the anus area.
  • Mucus discharge when emptying the bowels.
  • Pain while defecating.
  • The anus area may be red and sore.
  • When passing a stool the person may strain excessively.
Why do piles occur?
The blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum will stretch under pressure and may swell or bulge. Inflamed veins (hemorrhoids) can develop when pressure increases in the lower rectum. This may be due to:
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Lifting heavy weights.11
  • Pregnancy.12
  • Straining when passing a stool.13
The tendency to develop hemorrhoids may also be inherited. The risk of developing piles grows with age
What are the treatment options for piles?
In the majority of cases, piles resolve on their own without the need for any treatment. Treatments can help significantly reduce the discomfort and itching that many patients experience.
A good doctor will initially recommend some lifestyle changes.
Diet - piles can be caused by too much straining when doing bowel movements, which is the result of constipation. A change in diet can help keep the stools regular and soft. This involves eating more fiber, such as fruit and vegetables, or even switching your cereal breakfast to bran.16
Water is the best drink, and the patient may be advised to increase his/her water consumption. Some experts say too much caffeine is not good.
Body weight - if the patient is obese, losing weight may help reduce the incidence and severity of hemorrhoids.
Simple things you can do yourself to help prevent piles:
  • Try not to strain when you go to the toilet.
  • Avoid laxatives.
  • Exercise.


This is one of the so called surgical diseases where homoeopathy can successfully reduce the use of scissors and scalpels to give relief and many patients worldwide are enjoying the benefits of homoeopathy and can avoid the operation theatre lifelong. Where in many patients, the progress of the disease is stopped by proper homoeopathic treatment, and they live rest of their lives with piles but little or no suffering, many other patients are fortunate enough to get complete recovery. The possibility of success depends mostly on stage of the disease and it is the most important part to realise. Like all other systems and homoeopathy has its limitations and best result should not be expected once the pathology is much is treated  in homeopathy by constitutional medications which relives ressure and which initiates free stools.  Thus constitutional homeopathic medications restore your body’s normal functions.
 Aesculus hippocastanum- is a frequently indicated remedy in piles. There is intense dryness and heat of rectum, sensation of knife like pain, as if full of small sticks, excessive burning in anus. But the main characteristic is that the piles are mostly non bleeding. There is severe backache and extremely irritability which is almost always associated.
·         Aloe socotrina- an wonderful remedy in plies, where the haemorrhoids look like a bunch of grapes(also Muriatic acid), there is constant bearing down sensation, profuse bleeding , sore pain and heat which is relieved by cold water. There is intense itching and burning in anus which prevents sleep. Along with this other peculiar features of aloe like, poor sphincter control, excessive gas and stomach pain, diarrhea are to be searched.
·         Arsenicum albumhaemorrhoidal pain is like stitching when walking or sitting but not peculiarly at stool. There is intense burning heat of rectum which is ameliorated by heat. There is extreme weakness and exhaustion in patient.
·         Collinsonia Canadensis is an excellent medicine for piles in women. Haemorrhoids arising in latter months of pregnancy or delivery. Piles are chronic, painful and bleeding. It is associated with palpitation which often alternates with piles.
·         Hamamelis verginica medicine most frequently comes in mind when the bleeding is excessive. There is burning, soreness, heaviness, anus feels raw, of bluish appearance and there is backache. There is tendency to haemorrhage from other orifices as well.
·         Ignatia excellent for grade II or grade III piles. There is prolapse every time after stool which has to be replaced. There are sharp stitches in rectum, more when the stool is loose and remains for hours after stool. Prolapse is easy, even when stooping of lifting something. Mental symptoms of ignatia are to be noted.
·         Muriatic acidpiles in persons with great debility who become extremely exhausted from every attempt at stool. Haemorrhoids blue, swollen, extremely painful and sensitive. So sensitive and sore that even least touch of sheet is uncomfortable. Advance cases where prolapse is easy, even when trying to urinate. There is involuntary passage of stool when patient urinates.
·         Nitric acid though usually used for piles, it is more popular when it is associated with fissure, as there is intense pain after stool, so painful so as to prevent sitting in chair. Strong smelling urine, peculiar mental irritability and night aggravation are to be matched always. It is a deep acting remedy in fact.
·         Nux vomicaalmost exclusively effective for all kinds of piles. Overall Nux picture like the peculiar careless and high life style, lot of addictions, gastric troubles and excessive irritability are enough to select the remedy.
·         Ruta graveolensfor prolapsed grade II, III or IV piles. Prolapse is very easy, on attempting a passage, from slightest stooping, after pregnancy. More frequently indicated for colorectal carcinoma.
·         Sulphura deep acting and useful medicine used in many cases of piles when other remedies are not well responding. General indications of sulphur are more useful in selection rather than searching particular symptoms of piles.
·         Syphilinumuseful in piles with prolapse and fissure.  There is a positive syphilitic history, aggravation at night, extreme forgetfulness and an extra ordinary craving for alcohol which is often hereditary.
·         Thuja occidentalisanother useful medicine indicated in cases where there is swollen pile with fissure and excessive pain on sitting. Anus is often surrounded by flat warts.
Besides medicine, a healthy lifestyle, lot of fibres in diet and minimum spices along with regular warm water bath will help patient a lot. More over one important line for all patients is that “Never strain at stool to clear your bowel”.

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