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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Enjoy Holiday With Homeopathy

MY This article was published in Homeobuzz magzine in 2010 i had made some changes and few more experince added in this article

Winter is the time when we travel to enjoy spending our days with family and friends. No matter how good or bad the previous year was, these winter holidays offer a ray of hope for hardworking people and students, it’s like crossing the finish line of a marathon. For everyone, this is a time to reunite with close friends and family. But what should be a time of total happiness and relaxation often turns into a swamp of despair, mental exhaustion and physical breakdown. What about the busy businessman and stressed-out career woman, holding their breath just long enough to collapse at the first holiday? Homeopathy will help you to get rid of all your problem.
Nux vomica your savior for the holiday season when food seems to pop-up everywhere and every family member turns into a food pusher. “You absolutely have to taste this cake I made for you,” and “Aren’t you going to taste this special drinks that your friends offer you?” Temptations, temptations! But the next day your stomach feels like the sewers of mumbai, just the thought of food turns you off, and you have a hangover bigger than the Eiffel Tower. Before you succumb to a TV ad for the King of Antacids, try Nux vomica — the cheapest and fastest working remedy available. Any hangover will be annihilated and yes, even avoided if you take this remedy in advance before your night of boozing and dining. The same goes for the effects of overeating, or eating too much rich food.
Arsenicum Alb For travelers’ diarrhea, yes you want to go somewhere and want to enjoy nature, but due to diarrhea you just sit at home and enjoy bathroom ars alb is remedy for it. I had used it for my patient so many times and gives good result.
Lycopodium But some people have the opposite problem when they travel. They get constipated the moment they leave home, often with gas, bloating and burping. Lycopodium will come in action. Traveler constipation calc carb also help you.
Kali Phosphoricum The students among you have just finished a marathon. Do you feel like your brain has been going through the washer/dryer, with no more functioning brain cells left? You must feel that you’ll need the whole holiday just to recuperate for next semester. What’s worse, I’m amazed at the amount of stimulating drugs students take. It’s like playing with fire, because often the body gives up before the final test. And if not, the price you pay for whipping your body like a dead horse is physical collapse. The real solution, of course, is to study from day one, but the party beasts among you are now facing this uphill battle of physical and mental exhaustion. As in any condition, you will succumb mentally and emotionally first. Not a good thought when you have to cram all that knowledge into your ever-shrinking brain. Two homeopathic remedies should be part of every student’s armory. (potassium phosphate) is ideal for the nervous, sensitive, weak individual, when worry and mental fatigue bring on brain fag. It’s one of the greatest nerve remedies, wonderful for nervous exhaustion and mental and physical depression from over studying. It’s great when the slightest labor seems like a heavy task, causing forgetfulness, loss of memory and despair about passing tests.
Picric acid An equally powerful mind-stimulating remedy is Picric acid. It acts upon the brain, spinal cord, kidneys and sexual organs and will help with weakness and tiredness in body and mind. This remedy covers brain fatigue with sexual excitement: students who are mentally worn out and use increased sexual activity (often masturbation) to relax, which itself leads to physical exhaustion. There is no better remedy for the worn-out person with a lack of will power to undertake anything and a dread of failing exams. You don’t need expensive prescription “smart drugs” when inexpensive, over-the-counter homeopathic remedies can be obtained without fear of a backlash. Holidays can also be a depressing time because they bring up sad memories of deceased relatives. Many times I have seen my patients’ existing symptoms exacerbate or new symptoms come up because the memory of their lost loved ones opens the wound in their heart again. Do you know how much that hurts? It is impossible to hide these feelings and yet you are overcome with guilt and remorse because you can’t add to the joyful holiday atmosphere.
Ignatia If you start taking Ignatia two weeks before the holidays, it will give you a calmness, a soothing healing, a feeling that your deceased loved ones are smiling above your head and approving of your serene spirit. Besides emotional turmoil, it will prevent many physical ailments: a stiff neck, a painful shoulder, arthritis complaints, severe headaches and physical exhaustion. When these symptoms are linked to memories of grief and loss, Ignatia will be your friend in need. The holiday season has an exhausting effect on most housewives.
Sepia Most people’s favorite time of year often turns into a nightmare for the unrewarded woman who guides the family ship through rough waters throughout the year. All that holiday shopping, cooking and entertaining can lead to what we call in homeopathy a Sepia state: a total burn-out and exhaustion, leading to indifference and apathy with yelling and snapping at your children and husband and inexplicable crying spells. Not the right music for the holidays! Sepia (ink of the cuttlefish) can give you the physical and emotional reserves to get through. I would say homeopathy for every care we take in family .
KEEP homeopathy with you always and enjoy holiday.....Dr Ajay Yadav

          some adition by my good frnd Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

I always carry a few remedies whenever I travel. On several occasions, I could utilize the medicines for myself and even for the co passengers. I feel it will surely give popularity to homeopathy, provided we give the proper medicine after taking permission from the bystander.
Last year, my friend Dr Nazrulla was on a flight journey to New Delhi. On the way, a co passenger (son of a surgeon who is a critic of homeopathy) started getting severe vomiting and purging. Medicines given by his father could not help him. Finally Dr Nazrulla offered a remedy (I think Ars alb), which worked like magic and changed their attitude towards homeopathy!
When my parents had gone to Mecca to perform Holy Hajj, I had given a homeopathic travel kit with a chart for easy drug selection. It was a great help for the whole team of pilgrims. When they came back, almost all bottles were empty!
Let me add a few more travel tips:
Coca: Take coca with you whenever you go for high altitude.
Mephitis 3x: Can help to withstand icy cold climate. (Told by Dr Abdul Latheef through Asianet News channel)
Injury remedies: Arnica, Rhustox, Ruta, Ledum, Hypericum, etc
Bellis per Q: This will help you to get rid of ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ as a result of continuous walking and physical exertion.
Caladium: This will help to get rid of itching when you visit an area full of mosquitoes.
Zingiber: Ailments from impure water. The tincture can also help to get rid of nausea and vomiting.
Food related troubles: Ars alb, puls, nux v, carbo veg, Ipecac, lycopodium (constipation away from home).
Sabadilla, Pothos: Allergic trouble from dusty areas.
Cocculus: Motion sickness
Petroleum: Troubles from the smell of petrol.
Pain remedies: Arnica, Mag phos, cham, bell, colocynth, etc.
Climatic remedies: Bry, Dulc, Rhus tox, Natrum mur, glonoine, Natrum carb, Hepar, etc.
Polycrest remedies: It is very necessary to carry a few polycrest remedies, because prescription on the basis of causation or clinical tips may not always work.

And the last, but not the least, when you really feel homesick during a travel - take a dose of Capsicum!

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i really thanks my frnd Dr Muhammed Rafeeque for sharing his experience with me on this article
Keep enjoying  holiday
Dr Ajay Yadav

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