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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Every skin disease find perfect cure in homeopathy

 Every skin disease find perfect cure in homeopathy

  When it comes to nasty skin condition even eminent skin specialists refer their patient to HOMEOPATH why ?
HOMEOPATHY is considered as the best dermatological treatment, whatever the disease may be. Many time we homeopath see dermatologist precribe Thuja for warts ,or cantharis for burns or many more , even every dermatologist know that homeopathy is best in skin disease rather than suppressing it

since i had worked out in many cases here i am sharing more than 10 dermatological condtion treated well with homeopathy with link  some cases from all section but mostly from Homeopathy cured cases in dermatology . Enjoy Results of successful treated Homeopathy patients for warts ,psoriasis Eczema with details link of article

(Please note picture and contains are copyright to Dr Ajay Yadav  )

Leucoderma (vitiligo) treated with Homeopathy

Add ca

Eczema Cured with Homeopathy

read more read more

 Fungal Infection treated with Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Hair Problem

Mollucm treated with Homeopathy

Allergic skin treated with homeopathy
 Burn with vapur responded on Homeopathy
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 Psoriasis cured with Homeopathy

Ganglion treated with Homeopathy

Warts 5 cases worked with homeopathy
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enjoy journey wellness with   of homeopathy

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