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Tuesday, March 11, 2014




Acidum carbolicum : physical exertion, even much walking,brings on abscess in some part, but generally in the r. ear.-R.T.COOPER.
Acidum picricum : Chronic deafness, apparently caused by excessive headache, with noises in the ears when tired, membrane pale. Vertigo and noises in ear.
Aethusa cynapium : Sense of something hot from ears. Yellow discharge from right ear, with stitching pains.
Agaricus muscarius : Burning, itching, redness of various parts; ears, nose, face, hands, and feet, parts red, swollen, hot twitching of muscles about the ear and noises.
Antimonium crudum  : Redness, swelling, and heat in the ear.Deafness, as if one had abandage over the ears ; as if a leaf were lying before the ear.  Continual roaring in the ears.. Moist eruption  around  ear.
Argentum metallicum :  Affects the cartilages , tarsal, ears, nose, Eustachian; the structures entering into joints. Shooting in the ears, with incisive pain, which extends to the base of the brain. Gnawing itching in the external ear, causing the part to be scratched till it bleeds.
Arnica Montana : Blood from ears. Pain in cartilages of ears as if bruised.
Baryta muriatica : Otorrhoea ;  odour  like rotten cheese. Abscesses behind ears .Inflates middle ear on blowing nose .
Belladonna : Autophony- hearing one voice in ear. otitis media  . Inflammation of the external  and internal (right) ear, with discharge of pus. Stinging in and behind the ears. Ringing, murmuring, and buzzing in the ears.
Berberies  aquifolium :  Pain like iron band completely surrounding head above ears, with gradually increasing compression.
Calcarea carbonica : Internal and external inflammation and swelling of the ear. Purulent discharge from the ears. Humid eruption upon and behind the ears. polypus in the ears. cracking and detonation in the ears, when swallowing and when chewing. Sensation , at intervals, of stoppage in the ears, and hardness of  hearing.
Calcarea fluorica : Chronic suppuration of middle ear.
Calcarea  iodata : polypi of nose and ear.
Calcarea sulphurica : Deafness , with discharge of matter from the middle ear, sometime mixed with blood. pimples around ear.
Dulcamara :  Middle-ear catarrh . Acute pullings, with shooting  in the ears.
Cantharis : Sensation as of wind were coming from ear, or hot air bones about ear painful.
Capsicum annuum : Burning and stinging in ears. Swelling and pain behind ears.inflammation of mastoid. tenderness over the petrous bone; extremely sore and tender to touch. pain in distant parts on coughing- bladder, legs, ears, etc.
Chamomilla : Shooting extending to the ears, chiefly on stooping, with disposition to be angry at trifles, and to take everything in bad part. Sensation as if the ears were stopped, and as if a bird were scraping and fluttering in them . There is desire for open air, and yet over sensitiveness to open air, especially about ears. Discharge of thin pus from the ears.
Ferrum metallicum : Buzzing in the ears, mitigated by supporting the head on a table. Ringing in ears before  menses.
Hepar sulphur : Darting pain in the ears, shooting in the ears, on blowing the nose . Discharge of fetied pus from the ears. Hardness of hearing , with pulsations and buzzing in the ears,esp. in the evening in bed . Scurfs on and behind the ears.
Iris versicolor :  Roaring , buzzing, ringing in ears, with deafness. Aural vertigo , with intense noises in ears.
Kalium muriaticum  :  Chronic catarrhal conditions of middle ear. Deafness or earache from congestion or swelling of middle ear or Eustachian tubes, with swelling of the glands, or cracking noises on blowing nose, or swallowing.
Kreosotum :Inflammation of (left) outer ear, red, hot, swollen, burning, proceeding from a pimple in the concha, with stiffinss  and pain in left side of neck, shoulder, and arm. Roaring and humming in ears, with deafness, before during menses.
Lachesis :  Tearing pain from zygoma into ear; also with sore throat. Ear-wax hard, dry-lying right side>>earache in right ear; palpitation.
Lycopodium clavatum : Eczema; moist oozing behind ears. Humming and roaring with hardness of hearing; every noise causes peculiar echo in ear.
Mannesia carbonica : Numbness of outer ear. Feeling of distention of middle ear.
Manganum aceticum : Pain from other parts extends to ears. Stitches in larynx extending to ear.
Magnesium phosphoricum : Severe neuralgic pain; worse behind right era; worse by going into cold air, and washing face and neck with cold water.
Mercurius dulcis : Has marked effect on catarrhal inflammation of ear, and useful in Eustachian catarrh, deafness.Otitis media ; closure of Eustachian tube; ear troubles of scrofulous children; membrana tympani retracted, thickened and immovable.
Mezereum: Itching and oozing eruption behind  ears. Ears- feel too much open, as if tympanum was exposed to the cold air and it blew into the ear.
Natrum phosphoricum : Ears –One era red , hot, frequently itchy, accompanied by gastric derangements and acidity. Lobe of right ear burning and itching so intolerably has to scratch it till it bleeds.
Natrum salicylicum : Produces marked effects  upon the internal ear, , with vertigo, deafness, noises in ears and loss of bone conduction, hence, its use in Menieres disease.
Petroleum : Eczema , intertrigo, etc., in and behind ears, with intense itching .Ringing and cracking in ears.
Psorinum : Raw , red ,. oozing scabs around ears. sore pain behind ears .Herpes from temples over ears to cheeks. Offensive discharge from eczema around ears. Intolerable itching. Most fetid pus from ears, brownish , offensive. Humid scurfs and soreness on and behind ears; oozing and offensive viscid fluid.
Pulsatilla nigricans   : Hearing difficult , as if the ear were stuffed . External ear swollen and red. The ear trouble which is a common sequel and complication of measles or other fever is frequently met by pulstilla, which also meets the consequences of suppressed exanthemata and metastases, as of mumps to testes or mamma.
Rhododendron chrysanthum   : A peculiar symptom is : Loud sound re- echo long in ears . As if a women in ear . Otalgia (right ear) with jerking  tearings. Continued buzzing in ears, feeling as if water rushing into them.
Sanguinaria Canadensis : Humming and roaring in ears with painful sensitiveness to sudden sound in women at climaxis. Increased redness of external ear, with humming and roaring in ears from increased
circulation of blood through aural structures. Burning ears, cheeks red.
Sarsaparilla : Shooting pains from left ear to root of nose. Contraction and pressure in ears. Words reverberate in ear to the root of nose.
Stannum metallicum : Ulceration of ring hole in lobe of ear.
Sulphur : Discharge from both ears, dirty, very offensive; profuse, of a penetrating odour; at times causing an eruption about auricles; objects strongly to having ears washed . Bad effects from suppression of otorrhoea; hard hearing , esp  if ears are very dry; noise is ear in general , particularly a humming . Obstruction and sensation of stoppage (pressure and pain when sneezing , as ulcerated) in one ear, often when eating or blowing nose.
Thuja occidentalis :  Chronic otitis ; discharge purulent, like putrid meat; granulations, condylomata; polypi, pale red , cellular, bleeding easily.
Viscum album:  Hearing in left ear impaired , sounds muffled. In addition a number of cases of catarrhal deafness with noises in the ears were cured or greatly improved. ….. CLARKE….

TAKEN FROM Homeobuzz march 2014 edition 

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