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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homeopathy Remedies for Liver

     some very useful Homeopathy medicine for Liver disease 


Acidum benzoicum                                                                          
It has marked action on metabolism. stitching in liver region.
Acidum phosphoricum
Spasmodic aching with(pressure and)anguish in hypochondria, and esp. in liver. sensation as if liver were too heavy.
Aesculus hippocastanum
Torpor and congestion of the liver and portal system, with constipation. jaundice; throbbing in hypogastrium and pelvis
Arsenicum album                                                                                
Liver and spleen enlarged and painful. ascites and anasarca. pain as from a wound in abdomen on coughing.
Aurum metallicum
Sclerosis of liver, arterial system, brain.
Baptisia tinctoria
Pain in liver, from right lateral ligament to gall-bladder; can scarcely walk, it so augments pain in gall-bladder.
Baryta muriatica
Tumefaction of the liver.
Berberis vulgaris
Colic from gall-stones
Bryonia alba
pains in the liver , mostly shooting, tensive, or burning esp. on being touched on breathing, or on coughing.
Calcarea carbonica
Liver region painful when stooping cannot bear tight clothing around the waist
Calcarea  sulphurica
Pain in region of liver in right side of pelvis followed by weakness, nausea and pain in stomach
Carbo vegetabilis
Cannot bear tight clothing around the waist and abdomen pain in liver
Carduus marianus
Dropsical conditions depending on liver disease and when  due to pelvic congestion and hepatic disease Clarke J.H. – The liver enlargement of carduus m. is in the transverse direction (that of chel. being more vertical). 
Ceonthus americanus
Immediately after dinner dull pain in region of liver full feeling in region of liver (f) pain in liver agg. lying on right side(f)
Aching in region of liver griping and chilliness inside of abdomen and into legs
Chelidonium majus
Constant pain under the lower and inner angel of right scapula yellow –gray color of the skin wilted skin of the palms of hands pneumonia of right lung liver complications
For cancer of the liver . obstinate hepatic engorgements
Chimahila umbellata
Organic disease of liver with ascites abdominal and renal dropsies in broken –drown constitutions and intemperate subjects
Cinchona officinalis
Gall – stone colin liver and spleen swollen and enlarged jaundice. internal coldness of stomach and abdomen.
Chionanthus virginica
Emaciation with liver – disorder  Chion . acts powerfully on the liver and is indicated in hypertrophy;  obstructed liver in malarious districts
Digitalis Delirium tremens
In high livers, stomach and liver disease with the mental state of drug
Dioscorea villosa
Person of feeble digestive powers ; tea-drinkers, with much flatulence sharp pains from liver shooting upward to right nipple
Ferrum iodatum
P.C.Majumdar (Ind.Hom. REV.V. 104)has used fe I with success in cases of enlarged liver and spleen when unaccompanied by fever.
Hepar sulpur
Stiching in region of liver whenwalking coughing breathing or touching it hepatitis , hepaticbscess; abdomen distended tens; chronic abdominal affections
Hydrastis canadensis
Marked  action on the liver ,causing , jaundice and liver enlargement . cases of cancer of the liver have been reported cured by it liver atrophied
Hydocotyle asiatica
Pain in upper part of liver obstruction hepatic region
Liver and spleen sore and enlarged
Iris versicolor
Increases the flow of bile. liver sore
Kali bichromicum
Cirrhosis of liver soreness in right hypochondrium , fatty infiltration of liver and increase in soft fibrous tissue
Kali carbonicum
Stitches in region of liver old chronic liver troubles with soreness
Kali muriaticum
Constipation , light-coloured  stools denoting want of bile sluggish action of liver or occurring in consequence of some primary disturbance, esp. where fat and pastry disagree
Cloudy swelling of liver
liver region sensitive cannot bear anything around waist . especially suitable to drunkards
Liatris spicata
A vascular stimulant of use in dropsy due to liver and spleen disease, also renal dropsy
As cites in liver disease hepatitis atrophic from of nutmeg liver
Magnesia muratica
Chronic liver affections with tenderness and pain , extending to spine and epigastrium worse after food pressing pain in liver ; worse lying on right side. liver enlarged with bloating of abdomen yellow tongue
Mercurious  iodatus ruber
Liver , syphilis of. sudden cutting in liver . heavy pain in liver,  pancreas and speen

Violent pain in liver and spleen . rests more comfortably lying on abdomen
Mercurious solubilis
Liver enlarged; sore to  touch , indurate
Mercurious dulcis
Cirrhosis of the liver , especially in the hyertrophic form . use 1X ( jousset ).
Myrica cerifera
Dull pain in the region of the liver. Complete jaundice, with bronze – yellow skin; loss of appetite.
Mercurius Sulphuricus
Hydrothorax, if occurring from heart or liver diseases; dyspnoea , has to sit, cannot lie down.
Natrum salicylicum
Has an extensive range of action affecting the head, ear , throat, kidneys and liver and on metabolism.
Natrum sulhuricum
Duodenal catarrh; hepatitis; icterus and vomiting of bile; liver sore to touch , with sharp, stitching pains; cannot bear tight clothing around waist, worse, lying on left side. Urine-Loaded with bile.
Nux vomica
Liver engorged, with stitches and soreness.
Nyctanthes  arbortristis
Tenderness of liver. profuse, bilious stool, with nausea.
Causes yellow atrophy of the liver and sub-acute hepatitis, liver congested. acute hepatitis. fatty degeneration.
Plumbum metallicum
Complexion: pale, ash-colored , yellow, corpse-like cheeks sunken; expressive of great anxiety and suffering. yellow skin : dark brow liver spots in climacteric years; jaundice, the eyes, skin and urine yellow.
Podophyllum peltatum
Torpidity of the liver; portal engorgement with a tendency to haemorrhoids , hypogastric pain, fullness of superficial veins, jaundice.patient is constantly rubbing and shaking the region of liver with his hand.
Quassia amara
Pain in right intercostal  muscles above the liver. pressure and stitches in liver, and sympathetically in spleen . cirrhosis of liver with ascites.
Raphanus sativus
Produces pain and stitches in liver and spleen . increases of bile and salivary secretion.
Chronic liver affections ;liver painful, enlarged, with fine rash over liver region. red rash on region of liver.
Liver enlarged and tender, stools hard and dark with loss appetite, coated tongue, bad taste, and weakness.
Liver sore and painful; relieved by lying on right side. Many brown spots on abdomen.
Taraxacum officinale
Jaundice with enlargement and induration of liver ( mapped tongue). Debility, loss of appetite, profuse night sweats, especially when convalescing from bilious or typhoid fever.
Uranium nitricum
Its therapeutic keynote is great emaciation, debility and tendency to ascites and general dropsy.
Vipera berus
Violent pain in enlarged liver, with jaundice and fever; extends to shoulder and hip.
Zincum metallicum
Enlarged, indurated sore liver. Reflex symptoms from floating kidney.

 Article taken from Homeobuzz vol 9no5 refrance from allen ,borik and clack materia medica complied by g walia

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