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Monday, October 17, 2011

Supermodels reveal secret: “HOMEOPATHY MADE ME BEAUTIFUL!”International models using homeopathy for beauty

 International models using homeopathy for beauty

Priyanka Monga, Hindustan Times
New Delhi, September 28, 2011

While Indian models may be relying on expensive cosmetic products for skin problems, international models seem to have discovered a cheap homeopathy cure for beauty problems. At the recently concluded New York Fashion Week, Arnica Montana, a homeopathic supplement, readily available in
 gels and oral supplements, was used by models as a gel to cure puffiness and get an instant glow. Not just the models, designer Philip Lim too tried the medicine and said, “I felt my skin glow.” And designer Diane Von Fursternburg tweeted “Arnica gel is the best thing for bruises.”
The medicine may be a quick fix to beauty problems, but homeopaths in the city warn against using it without medical advise. “Though Arnica Montana cures acne, puffiness and skin injuries, one must still consult the doctor before using it,” says Dr Bela Chaudhry. “The medicine should not be consumed over a prolonged period of time without medical advice,” says Dr AK Gupta of AKG’s OVIHAMS Homeopathic Clinic.
Indian models, however, are unaware of the medicine as a beauty fix. “I’ve never heard of this medicine, but I won’t mind trying it,” says model Noyonika Chatterjee. “I’m not aware of any such beauty cure,” says model Sapna Kumar. “I’d rather stay away from such medicines and stick to natural ways,” says model Diva Dhawan.

Supermodels reveal fashion secret: “HOMEOPATHY MADE ME BEAUTIFUL!”

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